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Be The Fashionista You Want To Be With These Fashion Fads


Expressing yourself is through the clothes you wear is an art form. While having your unique and aesthetic style gives you originality and a sense of individuality, there are fads that you should check out and maybe even add to the equation of your fashion. Doing this would make your style appealing but still a cut above the norm.

The fashion industry has recently declared these trends as the recent “it” thing, and they are for everyone. Some are throwbacks of bygone fashion eras, and some are only new to the list of fashion trends. Either way, it would be worth your time to check them all out.

Bring Out The Fashionista Within With These Trends

There is a trend out there that would suit your style, whatever look it is you’re aiming for to represent your personality. Listed below are a handful that may pique your taste in fashion:

  • Sustainable clothes

Being eco-conscious and wearing sustainable fashion is a trend that everyone should embrace as it can help curb the effects of climate change. Besides supporting this movement and buying these kinds of clothes, you should also look for ways to take care of your clothes by washing them less, repairing them, giving them to other people rather than discarding them. To better preserve the quality of the clothes, you could also use air purifiers to prevent them from getting damaged by molds and other pollutants.

  • Stay safe and cozy at home look

While the pandemic was a dreadful time for most people due to the health crises, many still found solace in the fact that this new normal is a time to explore a new way of life. People’s work from home looks became inevitable as more people stayed and worked at home.

Some people might think that this is not a fashion trend. It mostly involves you wearing the clothes you would usually wear at home, but wearing a business casual top while wearing your most comfortable pajama became a trend for people doing Zoom meetings all day. People working remotely for the longest time suddenly felt included in the fashion scene, spawning countless memes and viral posts about this interesting trend.

  • Boyfriend tops and bottoms

Wearing extra-large shirts and pants became another trendy fashion style during the new normal as more people started to prioritize feeling comfortable over looking stylish. In this case, though, you can be both. Since it’s mostly women wearing oversized clothes, it was nicknamed the “boyfriend shirt” look as they look like they’re wearing their partners’ shirts. Of course, men can also wear baggy clothes.

fashionable man

  • Prints, prints, and more prints

Of course, wearing printed clothing will always be in style, even as minimalism became a thing before. Now, more people are using this trend to express their colorful characters and voice their political beliefs, opinions, and other stands that they can show the world by wearing shirts printed with their protest messages, mottos, and the likes. So, now it’s quite common to see people wearing shirts showing their opinions about climate change, feminism, equality, and more.

  • Hoodies, face masks, and headgears

Go through fashion websites and magazines, and you’ll see a common trend in them. You’ll see that the most popular personalities and celebrities often wear hoodies, caps, and oversized sunglasses to try their best to disguise themselves and hide from the media frenzy that could be annoying.

Photographers often harass famous people, so they adapted to this fashion. On the other hand, most people embraced this trend to hide how they look when they need to go outside and buy something from a convenience store, so they wouldn’t have to make an effort in outing make-up. The face mask during this pandemic also helps in achieving anonymity.

  • Outdoor runway fashion

Every fashion-savvy person would not be caught red-handed wearing something simple and underwhelming, so much so that even their outdoor attires can be a fashion statement. So, take note: no matter what you’re up to, even if you’re out in nature and admiring the beauty of the environment, or if you’re hiking and camping, you can still look trendy with some outdoorsy fashionista look.

Your Style Is A LIfestyle

Your fashion and how you choose to represent yourself matter, and it can even help you feel better about yourself. Some people might think that it sounds shallow to worry about your appearance, but life is short to look like everyone else.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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