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Extreme Sports and Erectile Dysfunction: How Are They Related?


Without a shadow of a doubt, training certainly can change a person’s life. Think of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his early-morning workout routine. Now you know why he’s got the most ripped body in the Fast & Furious series, making Vin Diesel look a bit short. Indeed, training comes with many positive changes making you become fitter and fab. The Rock, at 44, was voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. To top all that, the WWE superstar is the highest-paid actor in Hollywood in 2020

Indeed, we can say Dwayne Johnson is the poster boy for the benefits of training hard every day. His achievements are something that may make other men drool in envy. And by now, everyone can agree that exercise is good for our health. Even better, studies show exercise can help prevent a slew of degenerative diseases. The top of that list is cancer and heart disease.

But what if professional athletes and gym buffs like The Rock do extreme sports? Will it be beneficial? What we found out will shock you. Extreme sports can breed E.D. or erectile dysfunction. Don’t fret, though. Men with ED can still father a child. They can impregnate a woman. It’s just a lot harder (not to mention infinitely embarrassing). Therefore, making sure you protect yourself when you do extreme sports should bid you well.

Impacts of Overtraining for Men

For centuries, producing a young has taken the attention of couples left, right, and center. A child is definitely a gift. Kings who didn’t have a male heir were considered abandoned by God. For one, King Henry VIII of England defied the pope when it went against his wishes of getting a male heir.

Small wonder that scientists would study a man’s ability to father a child over the years. In this regard, the merits of exercise affecting man’s childbearing abilities were put into scrutiny. For many years, researchers have debated whether exercise has effects on human reproduction and desires or libido.

At the onset, studies like these are always centered on women. True enough, researchers found out that extensive training can cause menstrual dysfunction, dipping interest in intimacy. But what about men?

The University of North Carolina researchers looked into the merits of exercise and men’s performance. Reaching out to cycling, triathlon, and running training groups, the study showed that men who exercise moderately maintained high libido, a well-oiled child-bearing machine. However, those who overtrained and did extreme sports for long periods have lower desires.

Of course, extreme sports such as rock climbing, windsurfing, paragliding take a greater toll on the body physically.

Worse, overtraining can lead to erectile dysfunction. Virtue truly is in the middle. Exerting yourself too hard in the gym or any sport can also be detrimental to health. You could develop hypertension in overtraining yourself in two weeks.

In this regard, being able to pull back from overexerting yourself should be wise. Keeping a journal of your routines in the gym is a good start. So is ensuring you put a lid on the amount of time you spend on an extreme sport.

How Erectile Dysfunction Affects Your Marriage

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A man’s bed performance affects his confidence and personal identity. And not getting an erection can have a tremendous impact on both partner’s marriage. Moreover, a loss of desire in men can cause anxiety and an immediate sense of loss. Any way you look at it, intimate contact is essential in a marriage.

Erectile Dysfunction, therefore, creates a heavy burden on a man. The immediate loss of self-esteem may cause undue nervousness. In turn, this has a domino effect. Your partner becomes less interested in intimacy. Sadly, all of this can lead to fights and aggressive behavior for men.

If you’re having trouble with ED, consulting a doctor is wise. You have to face it. It’s not unusual for men with this disorder to be embarrassed and feel shy. Know that you could lose your marriage. How? All this can put your marriage to go downhill, especially for couples who never had a child.

The best way to deal with this is to talk to your partner and be open to each other. Rather than avoiding the situation, a much mature discussion should help.

Getting Help

There are many safe treatments for ED that are both non-invasive and non-surgical treatment. One of the more successful treatments is a show wave therapy called GAINSWave treatment for ED. It works by using high-frequency waves to do away with micro-plaque hindering blood flow to the private part.

Further, the treatment stimulates new blood vessels that can enhance the libido of a man. Shock therapy’s track record is impressive as it has helped many patients with ED before. The results say it all.

Then there is also the use of prescription medicine. Leading the charge is Viagra. For some time there, it has become the go-to pill for ED worldwide. Its results are immediate. Usually, you can use it within the hour. The problem is you may enjoy your renewed strength for just a few hours. To make matters worse, you would have to take the pill every time. In short, you become dependent for life.

In a sense, prescription medications (e.g., Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra) provide a band-aid solution. You use one when you need one. Shock wave therapy has long-term results. It’s like cleaning a pipe so water can flow through it for good.

Of course, prevention is better than cure. If you don’t want to develop ED, not overexerting yourself too much physically is the order of the day. By doing so, you’re bound to widen your chances of becoming a father, and at the same time, make your partner happy for life. Just like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson did.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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