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Creative Ways to Plant Succulents in Your Home Garden


Succulents, which include cacti varieties, are intriguing plants. It is easy to care for them, as they do not require large amounts of water. They do need as much sunshine as possible, though. Garden or green room interiors would provide the best environment for growing these lovely plants.


One man’s trash is another one’s treasure. Succulents are a great subject for upcycling. You can use beautifully crafted upcycled planters for this purpose. You can use vintage bathtubs, used garden chairs or old china. These are perfect containers for your lovely succulents. You can use upcycled pieces at home as great planters, or you can reinforce them with some chicken wire and embellish with moss or pebbles.

Vertical Gardens

This is a new trend in gardening today. Living walls add some personalization and breath of fresh air to any room. You can put some old frames on top of your plants for that amazing shabby chic appeal.

Hanging Plants

You can improve the look of your succulents in pots or bowls by converting them into hanging houseplants. There are several ways you can hang your plants. For starters, you can devise a macrame backdrop where you can place your pots. Add some depth and dimension to your plant decor by hanging your succulents collection.


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Do you want to brighten up a particular space in your home? Perhaps the desk or your windowsill? Try tiny succulent terrariums. They are easy to create and very customizable depending on your needs, materials and preferences. You can embellish them with thin layers of pebbles or stones, moss and some activated charcoal. Decorate it as you please.

Trinkets and Bows

Small and worn out trinkets and mementos can be repurposed into unique homes for succulents. Get those vintage tins, books, teacups, colored and glazed glass bottles, and biscuit boxes. They can all serve as amazing planters for your succulent plants.


For a really stunning centerpiece, try creating a planter made up of DIY driftwood. To make this possible, you will need driftwood, some soil, moss, succulents and a power drill as well as drill bits. Whenever you create a hole with your drill, hot glue some moss on your holes to work as your base. You can then add your succulent soil here and start planting and decorating.

Layering and Leveling

The greatest thing about succulents is that they appear amazing despite the chaos around it. This kind of plants does not need to be lined up and organized for its beauty to shine. You can design your succulent garden in various layers and levels but they will all look pretty and well coordinated despite their differences in heights and sizes.

Succulents are so versatile that they can easily blend in and match any style or preference. You can also make use of your desk caddy by converting it to a home for your collection of succulents. It will not only brighten up your work desk, but it will also put your neglected caddy to good use. You just need a little bit of imagination and creativity to build a succulent garden that best appeals to you.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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