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Why Confidence Matters in the New Normal


The new normal narrative is being pushed hard for the post-pandemic scenario. It is the entirety of the experience after the pandemic. The change brought about by COVID-19 was so abrupt that it altered established systems. The situation we were plunged into was so uncertain and out of control that we had to rethink the way we do our daily activities.

Ease of transmission was the main problem with COVID-19. It was so easily transmissible even in our daily activities that interacting with another stranger became so dangerous. The virus is new and unknown. There are no known studies regarding its short-term and long-term effects. Even most of the vaccines we have developed to fight it were not that effective in terminating the virus within the body. The most we can do with the vaccine is for our body to not react badly to being infected that it might require hospitalization.

As the world tries to get back on track, most of us are left clueless as to what to expect once we are asked to go back to the office or the university in the new normal. Even if we were deprived of social interaction for just a short while (almost 1 year), interacting with a human person face to face might not feel alright. Anxiety and panic have already gripped us throughout the pandemic.

There is no shame in admitting that most of us have already lost our confidence while under lockdown. The sudden change in environment post-pandemic might feel as abrupt as the sudden change we experienced when the lockdowns started getting hammered down.

Confidence is one thing we have lost in the mess of the pandemic. It is only right we regain it in time for the new normal. Why does confidence matter in the new normal?

Social Interactions

Interacting during the new normal will be required. There are a lot of people who will have no problem fitting back in society in the new normal. For some people, it’s as if the pandemic didn’t happen. However, adjusting will be difficult for a select few. Not everyone has the social skills and the confidence to go back out there and interact. Confidence matters in the new normal because the new normal requires lots of interactions between people you are re-meeting.

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Comparison Syndrome

It is okay to feel scared in going out there and talking to people who seem like they have achieved so much during their time at lockdown. Everyone dealt with the pandemic differently. A lot of people struggled with the lockdowns and the pandemic differently. It is also highly likely that they have experienced some form of loss within their close circle because of the virus. These events might have affected they have managed their time during the lockdown.

Some may have dealt with loneliness by holding virtual meetings constantly with friends and family. Some may have dealt with anxiety by withdrawing from all types of communication or having a massive change in appetite and interests. There is nothing to gain if you compare yourself to the progress and achievements of others. Your confidence might be shaken unnecessarily. Stop comparing and just accept that what transpired happened in the past. The important thing is that you are moving forward.

Feeling Withdraw, Anxious, and Stressed

According to a study, millions of people have turned to alcoholism during the pandemic. Addictive habits developed during the pandemic because of the wide array of anxiety and depression people acquired in the stretch. It became normal for them to feel withdrawn, anxious, and extremely stressed because of the entire ordeal. Lack of confidence became one of the many symptoms and consequences of these issues. Instead of spending so much on alcohol and other addictive and destructive habits, engage in things that will get your confidence back up.

Enroll in a class you have always wanted to enroll in. Get that laser hair restoration program to address male pattern baldness that has progressed quickly during your stay at home. Quit tobacco and alcohol habits and start sweating out those toxins by exercising. There are many productive and proactive things you can do to prepare yourself for the new normal. Now is the time to slowly address these issues.

Confidence matters in the new normal because, eventually, this will all be over. Thankfully, through science, we were able to achieve the impossible. Hopefully, in a few months, we will eventually eradicate the disease that has cost many lives. Hopefully, by next year, we can regain the confidence we lost because of being trapped inside for too long.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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