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Businesses You Can Start Immediately if You Own a Laptop


Income drives people to venture into things they haven’t tried before. This is why more and more people are risking their hard-earned money for businesses. Establishing a business is easy if you have the capital. You can plan on all sorts of things, from your business direction to expansion.

You may have thought of opening a business, but you don’t have the capital. A resourceful person would automatically look for ways to find a solution. Some would apply for business loans so they could start. But others don’t want to go in that direction. They want to use what they already have.

If you’re that resourceful, you may think of using your laptop to kick off a business immediately. That’s the most viable way to venture into business without spending much. But what are some businesses you can start with your laptop alone? Here are some examples you can try:

Content writing

If you have a passion for writing, you may generate a lot of profit by writing content. Translate your expertise in producing novels or short stories into income. A lot of platforms hire content writers online. Most of them would require you to have a working laptop and possibly an internet connection. There’s more in the content writing field than novels and short stories. Some are looking for people that could write articles and think pieces.

What’s good about this is they can give you flexibility when it comes to working schedules. Most are even home-based. You’d have the privilege to work comfortably in your home or your favorite coffee shop. So if you know how to write well, grab your laptop and get those writing gigs quickly.

Online marketing

Online marketing is thriving and will stay that way for a very long time. This is because many industries have shifted to digital platforms as means of promotion. There is a perpetual need for skills in online marketing. In fact, according to research, 78% of companies have teams of content specialists. This is needed to safeguard a brand’s success in online promotion.

This also means jobs for many people. You may score an online marketing gig if you know how Search Engine Optimization works. You can also start your own website for a specific niche and make it rank on Google Search engine. Then you can have it rented by companies. Master Google Analytics by taking online courses. You can then practice and use this knowledge. Work for brands to boost their online campaign strategies.

App development

Some people like to think of the easiest ways to solve everyday problems. Most app developers have this mindset. If you want to provide a useful service for people, you can start an app development business. While this sounds easy, this may take you a lot of time to establish.

This is plausible if you have studied software development. After getting your bachelor’s degree, you may even want to get computer and technology courses. So if you have the skills, you can start computing the costs of the expenses. You’re going to use some software to start your business. You can only gain profit if you can develop an app or program that people would be willing to pay for. Drive revenue through ads. There’s a lot of opportunities you can open if you explore app development.

Digital creative skills

Another skill-centric business is anything that involves creative arts. There’s a lot of business opportunities for you if you have skills in using programs for creatives. Get commissioned works for photo manipulation and digital artworks. Graphic design is also in demand. You can also accept simple video editing tasks from friends.

Consider doing vector-based illustrations and 3D modeling. If you have the proper skills to do any of these, you can generate profit from it. Start with showing off your expertise by posting your works on social media. It’s going to be your digital portfolio. Generate online exposure until you get your first commissioned work.


Buy-and-sell businesses have always been profitable as long as you know how to manage them. If you have an existing buy-and-sell business, you have the option to digitize it. E-commerce is one way to get it done. There’s no reason to be skeptical about the platform. It’s definitely a profitable business, according to Shopify. Keep in mind that its profitability won’t come in its first year. But you’ll see the fruits of your labor after that. Managing e-commerce may be demanding at times, but you can do all the tasks using your laptop alone.

There’s a ton of other businesses you can start just by owning a laptop. This only means that you can bank on your skills to generate more profit. The opportunities are limitless if you can carry out a business. That’s true even if you only have a single laptop to start it.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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