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Backyard Events You Can Have All Year


Whether you have a backyard spacious and presentable enough to host parties, you’ve considered or have used the space for small get-togethers with your family and friends. Events can be as simple as a weekend barbecue or something as big as a wedding.

With how flexible backyard spaces are—especially when you start modifying them for the events’ sake, you can host many gatherings without the stress of booking a venue and paying for it. The money and time spent on an outside venue can be spent on some other aspect of the event when held within your own space.

You don’t need to have the grandest of all backyards to arrange events for the people you care about. All you need is a little cleaning and some tweaks to make the space more suitable for the type of event you’re planning to host.

If your problem is what event you want to arrange, worry not, for here’s a list of event ideas we’ve compiled for you to choose from:

1. Graduation parties

Someone in the family just graduated? Of course, there will be a celebration between the family and some close friends. Celebrating an educational milestone is a very fulfilling act—you’d want the person celebrating to feel that.

The graduation party can be arranged to be a simple family-only gathering to celebrate a member’s success. It can be something bigger such as a party for the celebrant’s friends from where they graduated.

2. Wedding receptions

Weddings already cost a lot for the people involved, and celebrating in their backyard can be a great way to save on the expenses. Setting up a backyard to fit a wedding reception venue isn’t much of a task if you’re aware of the wedding’s theme and budget.

If the reception has catering, make sure you allow enough space for the catering services provider to move around and serve your guests during the reception. Also, make sure you have enough space to make your guests comfortable.

3. Baby showers

Traditionally, baby showers aren’t the biggest events. The attendees are usually the parents’ friends and their close relatives. But that depends on your space and how many people you want at the event.

If there will be children attending the baby shower, make sure you make the space safe for them, especially if you have a swimming pool in your backyard.

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4. Birthday parties

Birthday parties are probably the most versatile events that happen all year long. Some people prefer to celebrate in simple ways such as a nice dinner with their loved ones, while some prefer a big birthday bash to celebrate getting older.

If you’re arranging a child’s birthday party, make enough space for the child’s younger guests to play around during the party—they won’t be sitting around to talk like adults do during parties.

5. Pool parties

Pool parties don’t need a reason to be held. Some people want the amount of money they spend on a pool going somewhere. When planning a pool party, make sure your pool is free from bacteria that make your pool unappealing to swim in.

This type of event also typically involves a barbecue. If you already have the equipment, make sure all grill parts work well and won’t cause any accidents or inconvenience during the party.

6. Family reunions

Family reunions can be celebrated in big and small venues—depending on the size of your family. If you have one that you think will fit comfortably in your backyard, make sure to prepare it adequately. You’ll be having seniors, kids, and adults over—make the space suitable for their needs.

7. Seasonal events

If your home is situated in a place that experiences good wintertime, you have your backyard as a place for winter events. Set up a fire pit, and you can instantly celebrate a warm cozy winter night.

During summer, having a pool in your backyard would come in extremely handy. If you don’t have one, don’t stress about having one built, there are plenty of inflatable pools you can install and remove.

Making use of every space in your home can be fulfilling—especially if they’re big enough for events. Some events will require you to have a big space. Others won’t. In the end, however, the amount of space you’ll need would depend on how many people you want to attend. So, if you’ve picked a specific event to host, make sure to focus on the number of people you’ll be inviting.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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