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Are you looking for a straighter smile?


If you are over the age of sixteen and are suffering from an overbite or misaligned teeth then Six Month Smiles could be right for you. Many adults may wish to improve the appearance of their smile, but may be reluctant to receive obvious dental work (such as conventional metal braces) this is where Six Month Smiles could be considered a viable treatment option.

Regaining your self-confidence

Many individuals may suffer from low self-confidence due to their dental imperfections, but may also feel as if obvious metal dental work could hinder their social or career prospects, they may therefore look towards subtle dental options.

The treatment options

Six Month Smiles strive to produce long term and affective dental results within the period of just six months, but how do they work? Located on the treatment website patients can choose from clear aligners or fixed clear braces, by answering a few simple questions regarding their unique dental case, the right option will be recommended by dental healthcare professionals.

So.. how do they work?

Both clear aligners and fixed clear braces aim for a straighter and therefore happier smile, however they both produce results in different ways. Clear aligners are essentially transparent plastic trays which are tailor made for your smile, the trays are replaced every several weeks in order to slowly encourage the teeth to move into a positive direction.

Fixed clear braces

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Fixed clear braces work by applying pressure on the teeth to ensure they move into a straighter position, clear brackets and wires result in a discreet cosmetic appearance whilst fixing the most severe dental cases.

How much will my dental transformation cost?

The price of any dental treatment can vary greatly and will depend heavily on the complexities of each individual dental case, however an exact cost can be given after a consultation at your local clinic. Aside from a spoken quote, many patients may wish to visit the direct treatment website and speak to a doctor online.

How to pay for your smile makeover

Many patients may wish to pay their fees upfront, however receiving any dental treatment could be considered as a large financial investment which is why many clinics now offer monthly payment options.

How does finance work?

Finance is extremely popular not just within the field of modern dentistry, but in many industries worldwide. Finance allows patients to pay for their chosen dental treatment every month, therefore spreading the cost and leading to a lighter financial weight on a patient’s shoulders.

What is 0% interest?

Patients who may lean towards 0% interest payment plans may be reluctant to pay interest on top of their treatment which is something many modern dental clinics now accommodate. Zero percent finance ensures patients pay for their dental treatment, and their treatment only which means no hidden costs.

Many patients see this as a worthwhile investment in their future and well-being, as the confidence and image this type of treatment can create is beyond cost.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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