Comfortable for Elders

A Safe Home: How to Make It Comfortable for Elders


A lot of people talk about babyproofing, but census data reveals that there will be more elderly folks than children in America in the next few decades. Whether you plan to age in your home, set it up for your parents, or eventually sell the place to an elderly buyer, here are some ways you can make your property better for older people.

Get a walk-in tub

The U.S. CPSC has reported that bathrooms are one of the most common areas where accidents happen, especially for seniors. Lessen the likelihood of slips by making your bath area more accessible and more comfortable to traverse.

A walk-in tub can be the best investment that covers all the bathing needs a senior may have because it is easy to get in and out of. You can sit in it so that you are not strained, and it is portable, so you can move it if needed. Using one of these can make hygiene upkeep much easier, especially for elders who need physical assistance.

Get one of these tubs and place some non-slip mats on the ground for good measure. With these, you can take away a lot of hazards from this area.

Keep your cords and wires organized

Falls are the most common reason older adults get injured, even to the point of hospitalization. That can be avoided by ensuring that fewer things around the house can cause a trip and fall.

With modern homes, having a ton of cords and wires has become a norm. They are one of the most significant tripping hazards, so make sure that you keep all of these organized and out of the way. If they are tangled or even on the pathway without being noticeably there, they are even more of a danger as they may be more challenging to avoid.

Keeping them flat, against the walls, and out of walking zones is the best way to place them.

Make essential items easy to reach

Older people can have a harder time having to reach up or bend down to get things, especially if they suffer from muscle pains, limited movement, and breathing problems. That doesn’t mean they don’t want their own independence in being able to get what they need.

The best way to avoid accidents or unwanted pains to crop up is to arrange things so that everything is convenient and within reach. This arrangement is especially crucial for essential items like medicine.

Use clear and large labels

sticker tape for labels

Misusing items can occur and even lead to fatalities in general, especially if there are toxic chemicals in the home. Using readable and large tags can prevent these mishaps from happening so that even if they are moved, you know there is no risk of confusion about the items’ purpose.

Doing this is also helpful for seniors who need help remembering where things are. Labeling condiments and commonly used kitchen items can make everyday life smoother.

On top of that, big labels are essential for physical hazards that you need to keep everyone aware of. Glass doors, for instance, should have warnings so that people don’t bump or crash into them.

Implementing these changes to a place can help make it feel safer and more welcoming as a senior home.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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