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A Guide to Throwing a Cheap but Fun Party


Do you want to catch up with your friends, but your budget is a little tight? Don’t fret. You can have them over for a chill, lowkey party right in your backyard!

When good weather rolls in, ready your guest list, and send them an electronic invite (it’s free!). Do a little cleaning in your backyard and be prepared to take out some holiday decor to add flavor to your party. You do not have to break the bank for an entertaining night with friends using these tips:

Set up the grill

A barbeque party may be your best bet for a chill party outdoors. Grilled burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and chicken is a no-fail menu for any gathering. This way, your guests can also bring pitch in. They can bring meat for grilling. Since the setup is pretty casual, they can also bring some chips for pica-pica.

Have a self-serving bar

Your drinks need not be expensive for a party. Set up a drink station by filling up your coolers with ice. Make sure to hang a bottle opener at the sides so that your guests will not have to go around looking for them. You can also serve homemade sangria. Search a recipe that suits your taste and prepare them beforehand. Fill your pitchers with this colorful drink and add fruit platters on the side for a vibrant spread. You can even use brightly colored paper cups for your alcoholic beverages or mason jars for your sangria.

Take out your Christmas lights

christmas lights

Christmas lights will instantly jazz up your party and make your party an instant Instagram hit. You can hang them up on your tree branches or your posts. Turn them into overhead string lights or drape them around bean bags. If you choose the latter, remind your guests to be careful and not to step on them.

You can also up the notch for fun higher by having smart Christmas lights installed. This way, you can have backyard get-togethers any time!

Do not be afraid to DIY decors

You can scour flea markets or discounted decors if you have time. You can also use your old Halloween decors, but pick those that will suit your party atmosphere.

Making your own party decors, however, will save you more pennies. If you have table setups, your centerpiece may be flowers or glass bottles with candles in it — they’re pretty, and they light up your tables. You can also make paper lanterns or balloons (if your theme is more on the chill side, pick white balloons). These are inexpensive but make for a good party setup.

Prepare a playlist

Music can spell the difference for your party, so you must have a well-prepared playlist before the party. After you have completed your guest list, you will have an idea of the type of music they enjoy and start making your playlist. Try inserting new music here and there, as this can also be a good conversation starter.

Try to make a playlist that can go on for over four hours. If the party goes over that — an indication of a pretty good party — you can repeat it. Your guests would not mind the repetition by then!

With these ideas in mind, you can prepare a party that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg but can still be memorable for everyone.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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