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A Few Ways You Can Keep Your Hardwood Floor in Good Condition


Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring materials among homeowners. For one, hardwood’s natural colors add appeal to the home. Their shades make your space look classy and sophisticated. This is why many popular design themes, such as Scandinavian and contemporary, always use wood for their floors. Also, hardwood can last a long time, especially if they are being taken care of properly.

But how do you exactly take care of hardwood? You may have the impression that it is quite taxing, and it can be, especially if you are starting the care procedure a little too late. It can be difficult when you are at a point that you have just started tending to the already existing damage. Prevention will always be the key. Here are some ways to make hardwood flooring care a breeze:

Clean dirt ASAP

Your floor will always be exposed to dirt, but you need to do away with it as soon as possible. Letting particles and dust sit for a while can cause damage. The food crumbs, sand, and even broken glasses lying around will surely scratch the surface. Spills, on the other hand, can cause the wood to swell. So keep in mind to clean your hardwood floor as soon as possible. Regular vacuuming will also help.

Check your furniture

Your furniture may be stationary, but there are times when people in the house move it slightly. No matter how small the movement is, there is a great chance your furniture scratches the surface of your floor. Prevent such scratches by placing furniture pads under the legs of your chairs, tables, and sofas. More importantly, do not drag or push furniture abruptly.

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Keep the sun out

The sun coming into your home may be the last culprit you may consider when it comes to hardwood flooring damage. But it can wreak havoc on your wood. Sunlight has UV rays that cause fading, thus causing your floor to lose its shine. If you live in a sunny place like Salt Lake City, home window tinting and appropriate window treatments are great options to protect your floor against the sun.

Do not use harsh chemicals

Sometimes, there are stubborn and hard-to-remove stains left on the floor. Your instinct may tell you to clean the surface with detergent and other chemicals. Keep in mind not to use harsh chemicals, as they will damage the look and shine of the wood. Better yet, call in a professional.

Hardwood is not just considered to be classy and elegant material for flooring, a reason it is prized by many interior designers. It is also known to be a durable material. It can last a long time if you take care of it properly. When it comes to floor care, you have to understand that prevention will always be better than cure. So take precautions and carry out necessary measures before your floor starts to deteriorate. This does not have to be complicated — start by following the tips mentioned above.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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