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4 Flexible Pieces of Furniture Every Homeowner Should Have


You will need to prioritise saving space if you want to avoid filling up your home. Any house needs extra room to let family members roam around with comfort and ease. Getting too much furniture and appliances might make it difficult for homeowners to move. You and your loved ones might hit objects while walking, which could result in damaged items or sustaining injuries.

Homeowners must select the necessary pieces of furniture to avoid cluttered walkways. Fortunately, there are a few selections that provide people with flexible features while taking up small spaces.

Coat and Shoe Rack

Coats, hats, and shoes can take up so much space if you do not arrange them properly. Wardrobes might be an ideal option for storage, but you also own a lot of clothes. Coats, especially the bulky ones, will take up more than half of the space inside a closet. Shoes, on the other hand, must be away from clean clothes at all costs.

Fortunately, you can use a coat and shoe rack for your storage needs. A rack often comes with several hooks and shelves to provide you with a place to hang your items of clothing. This furniture also takes up a small place, which is almost identical to a skeletal structure of a wardrobe.

Foldable Dining Table

The table is the centrepiece for most kitchens and dining rooms. Almost every homeowner lists this as one of the first furniture to buy for their houses. However, the dining table and chairs will take up a lot of space. These necessary pieces of furniture might not be ideal if you are living in a small apartment.

If you want to free up space, you should invest in a foldable dining table. This often comes with foldable chairs as well, which means that your dining area can provide you with a free space for anything you want.

Coffee Table

The living room is almost equal to the bedroom when it comes to the items it needs. Most appliances and furniture are inside the main areas of the house. However, you will struggle to find storage spaces in the living room compared to the bedroom.

Consider buying a coffee table to help with your storage problems. Magazines, candles, and every item that needs to be visible can reside on top of the table. A coffee table can provide you with multiple drawers if you need to store items. You can put these tables beside your sofa. You can also buy small ones for both sides of the couch. There are a lot of coffee tables in Singapore available for your selection, so all you need is to find one that works with your home’s theme.

Mirror Drawers

Vintage mirror drawer

Mirrors are essential pieces of furniture in multiple areas of the house, and you can find a way to utilise the space you dedicate to it. You can replace your glasses with mirror drawers to help you create more spaces for storage.

The bathroom will have a medicine cabinet. The living room will have a vanity mirror with makeup storage. The bedroom will include a glass to help you choose your outfit for the day. Mirrors are the top choice if you want to maximise space because they can also help make the house look bigger.

There are a lot of items available to help you save space. You need to make sure that there is enough room for you to be comfortable in your house.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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