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3 DIY Projects We Bet You Haven’t Done Yet During Quarantine


Now that we are almost at the second-year mark of the global lockdown, what were the home improvements and DIY projects you have done? Was there anything else you accomplished for your home aside from the following cooking tips from TikTok?

Remember when people used to wish for some time off to do house projects such as decorating rooms and fixing stuff in the attic? Well, the world has finally been given that time off to do it, but have you? There is no judgment if you haven’t. In fact, we are going to give you three trendy ideas and advice to begin your long-awaited projects.

Let dive right into it!

Ambient Lighting

The first thing on our list is some cool ambient lighting that will make your once plain rooms pop!

Are you a movie-lover? Do you enjoy time playing music and just simmering with the bass and guitar solos? If you do, this one is perfect for you. There are different kinds of ambient lighting that you can find online. There are LED light strips that run on battery, ambient lamps that you can mount beside your TV set, and there are traditional ambient bulbs that you can replace your room lights with. All of these products can have different lighting colors that you can control with your smartphone. You can sync it with your device, and it will serve as your equalizer!

Whether you want to bask in mellow songs or classical opera music, this project would not disappoint you. However, the best use for ambient lighting would be to improve your viewing experience. You can install and integrate these lights with your smart TV, and it will give you amplified and coordinated lighting. It will make it seem that the movie you are watching is illuminated and happening around you.

With the right tools, you can install these LED babies on your own. It would not even take more than an hour!

Outdoor Work Area by the Balcony

During the span of the work-from-home setup, most people realized the importance of outdoor space. The same way workers often take a break at the office lounge; people also need somewhere to go when they feel sick and tired of their work desk. It is not like you can quickly go out of the house and work somewhere the way people did in 2019. Thus, having a functional space outside the house where you can still work has never been more popular.

If you have a balcony that you rarely use, you can convert it to a standing-up work area! You can have an area to work at after sitting down for almost nine hours already. All you need is a convertible table that you can hook to your balcony, and perhaps a pair of high chairs too. Voila, you can now bring your laptop outside, brainstorm standing up, and get to enjoy a breath of fresh air.

You can also go big by installing wood decking floors that will complete the outdoor look and feel. Grow some hanging plants, and build your own small balcony garden where you can also chill when not working.

Backyard Fire Pit

fire pit

Perhaps everyone missed outdoor hikes and camping where you can sit around a bonfire and share scary stories. Well, you can build your own fire pit at home with the proper tools and materials!

It might not be as easy as installing your ambient lighting because you will need to sweat with this one. Make sure you have a backyard to do this too. Don’t go digging a fire pit on someone else’s property. You can start with a shovel and safety materials for construction. Dig out your initial pit and then fortify it with some bricks or stones. Then you can also choose to cement it or go with bare soil. If you choose the latter, make sure that the ground is firm and dry for the fire. Finally, finish it with some firewood and mallows! Plus, you do not have to start the fire like a survival expert because you can use gas to kickstart the fire immediately. You can even procure your own Molotov if you are feeling a little wild and adventurous. Now, what better way to bond with family and friends than huddled around a fire once more?

Final Thoughts

After almost two years of come-and-go lockdowns, you still have time to start home renovation projects and DIY ideas on your own. Therefore, conceptualize what you want and make them happen today!

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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