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3 Affordable and Durable Materials that Will Up the Modern Aesthetic of Your Home


A modern house is a dream for most homeowners. It’s simple, edgy, and impressive enough to boost your confidence. There’s also nothing like its appeal to give you a sense of staying in your own vacation house, even if you live in a bustling city.

If you’ve been wanting one but can’t afford a complete overhaul of your home just yet, then rest assured that there are affordable ways to at least give your interior that sleek look. The secret lies in getting rid of the old to make way for the new, which surprisingly comes in three affordable and durable materials.

That Metal Finish

Nothing beats metal when it comes to giving your house a leap to the modern age. It’s worth considering this material when replacing fixtures like vanities, lights, and even staircases. The great thing about them is that they’re flexible enough to adapt to any existing decor you may already have. Go for gold, silver, and bronze finishes, particularly in knobs and ceiling light fixtures, as they’re best in accentuating spaces.

It’s a desirable option for those who are trying to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. Metal is a fully recyclable product, and it never loses its quality throughout the recycling process. It’s also durable enough to keep you from having to replace or reface them anytime soon, which gives you good value for your money and a substantial contribution to the environment.

Look up professionals who perform custom metal fabrication and take time scouring for your best options. Professionals will be better able to tell which improvements you can make in metal to increase your interior’s appeal and durability.

Those Glass Surfaces

There are many ways you can incorporate glass into your interior. Some of the most efficient ways to do this are to add or enlarge windows and replace bulky ornaments with glass alternatives. It’s the material you’ll want to use for furniture when you want to create the illusion of a larger space. Think coffee tables, dining tables, and even side desks. Due to its translucency, you’ll have no trouble pairing it with your favorite carpets, chairs, and dinnerwear. Simply by replacing your dining table and retaining your existing chairs, for example, you can easily achieve a new and modern feel.

While glass may not be the cheapest material in the market, it does save you money by minimizing your maintenance cost in the long run. Unlike your current wood furnishings, glass is dustproof and waterproof. Like metal, it’s also completely recyclable and is a coveted material for sustainable living.

Save the bulk of your budget for bigger improvements, and go to thrift shops and budget stores for decors like vases, dinnerwear, and frames. As soon as you make the switch, you’ll feel like there’s more room to move and breathe in your home.

That Touch of Green

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Houseplants add a soft touch to the metals and glass you’ll be incorporating in your interior. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, it also has various health benefits that improve the way you feel about your home. They reduce the air’s carbon dioxide, which promotes respiratory health and assists in stress management. Studies show that simply looking at house plants can alleviate feelings of loneliness and anxiety.

You can mix biophilic elements to your interior in so many ways, depending on the specific look and effect you’re going for. Do you want to make it your primary decor? Try hanging plants and green walls to high traffic areas of your house.

If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for low-maintenance plants like orchids and succulents. They are easy to maintain and don’t require much tending to. Still not confident that you can keep them alive? Dried flowers can create the same allure in more colors, too. Just make sure not to overdo it, because there’s always the danger of turning your modern house into a jungle.

Make It Minimalist

Above all, stick to the bare essentials. Too much of anything is never good, which applies even to quality materials like metals and glass. A modern interior shouldn’t feel crowded or cluttered. Instead, it’s supposed to give you the sense that everything you need is in place and in perfect style.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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