You Can Make Your Furniture Last Forever


How you furnish your home says a lot about your personality. Furthermore, furniture plays a critical role in one’s home. Not only are they essential for daily use, but they also have the capacity of beautifying a home. With this in mind, taking good care of our furniture is necessary.

Furniture care and maintenance come with a lot of benefits. Apart from extending the life of your favorite piece comes the cost-saving value. Since your furniture’s life is extended, it means you would not need to purchase as often as you have to. Here are some nine useful tips for prolonging the life of your furniture.

Clean It Regularly

This is a no-brainer suggestion. If you want to prolong the life of your furniture, then you have to clean it regularly, especially those hard to reach areas. Keep in mind, however, that each material and furnishing would require a different cleaning method.

Avoid Placing Hot Objects on the Surface

No one likes ring marks on their wooden furniture. However, a lot of us usually mindlessly place directly hot objects on their surfaces. Make sure your furniture is protected from the heat source by using coasters and placemats. Though it may seem tedious to many, this will save you headaches and money in the long run.

Invest in a Furniture Cover

Furniture covers are lifesavers! When all else fails, they are there to protect your beloved piece. It is not recommended however, if you are using your furniture everyday. Nonetheless, if you would be away for a long period of time, furniture covers are there to the rescue.

Establish a Pet-Free Zone

Who does not love a good cuddle with their cats or dogs? However, your new couch or sofa is not the best place to do it. Your pets shed more often than you know. When their hair gets stuck on the sofa, it can be tedious to remove them right away. Moreover, pet nails are your furniture’s number one enemy.

Keep Food and Drinks Away

Food stains are another top enemy of your furniture, especially those with fabric material. To reduce the likelihood of stains, make it a habit to refrain from eating and drinking on your couch. Reserve those activities for the dinner table or kitchen counter.

Rotate Cushions

cups on a bed in a hotel room

Even though we have several pieces of furniture, we tend to use only our favorite one. Though there is nothing inherently wrong with that, your beloved piece will wear out quicker than others. To prevent this from doing so, it is highly suggested you use all your furniture.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to sunlight is absolutely not good for your furniture in the long run. It will cause the material to quickly fade and deteriorate. To prevent this from happening, you may opt to place your piece away from any windows or invest in good quality blinds or curtains.

Move Furniture Around Carefully

When we are deep cleaning our house, or just doing regular cleaning, we should keep in mind not to drag or push our furniture around. Doing so not only damages your furniture, but your flooring might also suffer from scratches or scrapes. If you have to move a heavy piece, ask for help in lifting it.

Get Professional Help

Just as your car or roofing needs regular care, so too does your furniture need professional attention. For your patio furniture, contact a metal powder coating contractor to help keep your steel-made furniture last long. Routine cleaning and maintenance will surely make your piece survive the years to come.

Lastly, when purchasing furniture, it is highly suggested to invest in a quality one. Although it can be expensive, quality furniture will surely last longer than inexpensive pieces.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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