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Working On The Go


Being able to work remotely sounds like a dream. Finishing tasks as you lounge by the beach or sip tea in another continent is now something that isn’t far from the reality of some. The concept of “work-cations” or working on vacation, is enticing and pretty convenient, especially if you’d rather work somewhere else than be at a desk in an office all the time. But with the number of things you’ll have to juggle (think: itinerary, schedule, and lodging), how does one keep up?

Keeping online work going while you’re on a trip sounds easy, but it’s even easier to get swept up in the thrill of travel that things might be overlooked. New places are exciting, but missing tasks can be a big mood-damper, so it’s best to avoid that from happening. It’s important to keep track of some things to make sure your trip goes as hassle-free as possible, so here are some tips to remember. Get comfy, pack your bags, and read on!

Know your schedule like the back of your hand!

This is the key to understanding just how much time you can spend away and remembering important dates that might coincide with work schedules. Planning to go on a work-cation so you can pop in on your fave cousin’s beach wedding? What about your best friend’s birthday bash in a mountain bungalow? Best to look at your work calendar weeks ahead to move tasks around and understand your timetable better! When you understand your schedule, working on the go can be more of a breeze, and you won’t have to suffer the fear of missing out.

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Make sure your destination has all you need.

And we’re not talking about unlimited mimosas at a breakfast buffet! Necessities like a good Wi-Fi connection, a relatively plain wall for a background, and decent lighting for video conferences and Zoom meetings are a must if you want to stay on top of your game. A room with a view is nice, but getting tasks done should still be a priority! Ask about these before booking a stay– the last thing you need is to miss out on an important report because the connection at the quirky hostel kept conking out.

Have an emergency contact on hand in case you get hacked.

It might seem like it only happens in movies, but getting your work account hacked into is a very real danger even as you travel. Since you’ll be connecting to networks that are not secure, it’s easier for hackers to get into your files and corrupt them. Make sure to have an IT expert’s number if this happens, so your files aren’t a sitting duck. IT security administrators have to have a certificate, so look for one that has passed security tests like Security+ SY0-501.

Balance rest and work!

The word “work-cation” has two parts, so make sure not to forget about the vacation aspect! Split your time evenly so that you still get to enjoy and savor the different locations you’re in because this will make the “work” bit feel less stressful. Take your time relaxing by the pool, or explore the location outside your hotel to make the most of your time there. A “work-cation” doesn’t have to feel like a desk job somewhere new, so have fun when you can!

No matter how we look at it, work will demand a good chunk of attention. But a work-cation can be both a great getaway and a way to get the job done, so try it out when you can! The relaxation after finishing tasks can feel like such a reward, and we all know that a hard day’s work deserves a good reward. So whether it’s a cozy say at a rented villa outside the city or in a beach house in Bali, balancing work and play is key.

These tips can help you remember that wherever you go, knowing things like your schedule and planning well are vital if you’re taking work with you. When little issues come up while you’re away, you’ll be better prepared to deal with them, thus avoiding major stress. Fretting at your desk or home office is already pretty bad, but having to fret thousands of miles away from home will feel way worse, so do your best to avoid it, and the trip should go smoothly. So grab your laptop and sunscreen, keep your phone on you, and happy travels!



Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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