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Why Hair Porosity Matters When Choosing Products for Your Curls


Lucky are we to be living at a time wherein women are no longer boxed into roles, and the concept of beauty is narrow, one-dimensional, discriminating, and limited. Society has evolved, rather than going the way of the dinosaur. These days, women can be what they want to be and excel in careers that only men could engage in once upon a time. And as our minds expanded, so did our concept of beauty. We learned to appreciate that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and races. The possibilities are endless! This forward-thinking, all-inclusive, and more comprehensive thought process heralded the emergence of a stronger, fiercer, smarter, more empowered generation of women who embraced their innate and natural beauty genuinely.

One way this is exemplified is how women treat their natural curls. Let’s face it; curly hair is more of a challenge to style and maintain than its straight counterpart. For convenience and in the name of manageability, a very high percentage of curly-haired women once opted to straighten their hair. But these days, there is a marked rise in those that embrace their curls. Natural hair now graces the covers of Afrocentric magazines, movies, and more.

But just what makes curly hair such a challenge to style and tame? The answer lies in hair porosity. Hair porosity is the capacity of hair to absorb and retain moisture. This distinct characteristic of hair is greatly influenced by its outer layer’s composition or makeup, better known as the hair cuticle.

Through careful examination of the hair cuticle, a seasoned stylist can evaluate how one’s hair can absorb, retain, and release nutrients, essential oils, and moisture. This careful evaluation of the hair cuticle is crucial in determining what hair products would be best suited for each client and how the client’s hair will take in the product. Low hair porosity, wherein one’s hair strands lay more closely knit and to a degree “tighter,” will tend to repel rather than absorb nutrients, oils and moisture. This type of hair can pose a challenge to revitalize and treat.

In contrast to low hair porosity, those with high hair porosity have cuticles lifted and positioned further apart from each other. This promotes a more elevated moisture absorption rate. But unfortunately, this also allows for the more rapid depletion of moisture, resulting in hair dehydration, which leads to dry, frizzy, lackluster curls.

After careful evaluation of the hair cuticle and determining its hair porosity, there is a need to select hair care products aligned with one’s hair porosity. When one’s hair care products are in sync with the hair’s capacity to absorb and retain moisture, the hair care products’ effectiveness is optimized to benefit hair vitality.

Low Hair Porosity vs. High Porosity Hair Styling Products

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Low Hair Porosity

The products that are best recommended for those possessing low porosity curls include:

#1 Curls Blissful Lengths Blueberry Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin

These vitamin supplements are a positive godsend for those with low porosity curls that need more oomph in their hair care regimen. They will provide your hair a healthier, shinier, and more lustrous growth, topping it off with a subtle and oh so snackable blueberry fragrance.

#2 Carol’s Daughter Almond Milk Daily Damage Repair Ultra Nourishing Hair Mask

Get luxurious curls with this damage-repairing deep conditioner. It combines powerful ingredients such as almond oil, aloe butter, shea oil, coconut oil, and more. It provides the protection that low porosity curls need while restoring the softness we crave.

High Hair Porosity

#1 Curls The Green Collection Sea Kelp & Cucumber Hair Mask

If you’re looking for an excellent organic alternative to protect your hair, look no further. This cucumber hair mask’s vitamin-enriched formula gives porous the shine and luster only a well-balanced hair care product can provide.

#2 As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner

This light coconut-scented cleanser can revitalize your curls without weighing them down. Using this will make combing so much easier while preserving the moisture in your hair. And the best part? No product residue!

Curling Out

Ladies, it took many generations to be where we are now. Mother, cheerleader, law enforcement officer, Olympic medalist, Nobel Prize winner, CEO… Choose your title. Know yourself. Know your hair and the product the best goes with it. Rock that lady-boss life, and show your curly hair who’s boss as well!

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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