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Why Good Posture Matters


Having a good posture is important. Sadly, not many people realize this and don’t pay close attention to how they sit or stand. People are now living in the digital age where they are always on their screens. When in front of a computer or using a smartphone, people commonly slouch down and don’t practice proper body alignment. Since these individuals slouch almost always, they get used to it and develop bad posture.

Poor posture comes with many unpleasant consequences. For example, one common effect of bad posture is back pain. And one survey found that 2.5 million individuals in the UK suffer from back pain every day. Other negative effects include constipation, poor balance, breathing issues, and many more.

Correcting your bad posture can be challenging. But it’s important to have a good posture for the sake of your health.

Benefits of Good Posture

Lower Back Pain Relief

Slouching for a long period puts a strain on your spine and back muscles. Thus, bad posture results in lower back pain, as mentioned earlier. It’s also a sign of scoliosis among adults. This chronic disease can be treated non-surgically using the Schroth method, physical therapy, and casting. But it can also lead to getting surgery.

Correcting your posture will help you avoid back pain and keep your spine aligned to lower your chances of chronic spine disorders.

Better Breathing

When you slouch and your head is protruding forward, your chest muscles will tighten. Your rib cage can’t expand as much as it needs to, so your breaths will be shallow. This kind of breathing is uncomfortable. You will feel like you’re always short of breath.

Having a good upright posture can prevent shallow breaths and promote full, deep breaths. Better breathing can help you stay active and happy.

Better Digestion

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Maintaining good digestive health is important to ensure that your body is healthy and can function properly. And good digestion doesn’t just depend on what you eat. Your posture can contribute to it as well.

A correct, upright posture will ensure that your vital organs are aligned well and not compressed. Good posture will improve blood circulation around your organs and promote optimal digestion.

Improved Mobility

The ability to move freely is a privilege. So if you have it, you need to protect it. And one way to do so is by correcting your poor posture.

Bad posture can put pressure on different muscles in your body. You will strain them, so as you age, they won’t be able to function properly and you may lose your mobility. But remember that being mobile is even more important as you grow older because it will give you independence. That’s why improving your posture as early as now will help you in the long run.

Better Confidence

Having an upright posture will make you look taller and slimmer, which can add to your self-esteem. Also, having a good posture is associated with better confidence, according to a 2009 study. In it, students who had good posture viewed themselves more positively compared to students with poor posture.

Ways to Improve Posture

If you want to improve your posture, consider practicing yoga. Its poses focus on holistic body improvement. Some examples of poses you can try are the plank pose, cat cow, cobra pose, and downward-facing dog, among others.

If you work from home, you may need to adjust the ergonomics of your workspace. For instance, if you work using a laptop, you are more likely to slouch even if you don’t intend to because its monitor is of lower height. To rectify this, put your laptop on a monitor stand or a pile of books to elevate the monitor. Ideally, the top of the monitor should be right at the level of your forehead. And you need to be able to look at the bottom of the screen without bowing your head. This ergonomic setup means you’ll have to use an external keyboard and mouse.

You can also use a lumbar support pillow on your chair. It will serve as a reminder that you need to sit up straight. And as its name already suggests, it will support your back so that you don’t strain it while you work on your posture.

Improving the ergonomics of your workspace means you’ll have to spend a little. But think of this expense as an investment to improve your posture and overall health.

Even though improving your posture will be challenging, it’s a worthy one to take given how it can improve your life in the long run.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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