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Why Diet Fads without Exercise Doesn’t Work


Do you remember the last time you decided to go on a diet?

Was it several years ago to fit on that beautiful dress you got on a thrift store? Was it right before summer to prep your bikini bod? It doesn’t matter when the last time was that you tried to shed off some pounds by counting your calories and trying out the fad diet-only plans that celebrities endorse on the Internet.

Ask yourself: Did it actually work? Did I lose weight permanently? Was the whole diet experience a sustainable, satisfying and fulfilling practice? If the answer is no, don’t feel bad. There is a good reason pure diets without workouts are ineffective.

Despite all the different diets that go viral every year, why is that many people still find it challenging to lose weight? Knowing this information can help you understand why most of these diets don’t provide lasting results. Additionally, it should encourage you to work out in gym in Gold Coast or some other area.

Here are possible reasons diet plans are not effective in helping you lose and maintain the weight you want:

Weight Loss Achieved through Dieting Only is Temporary

When you go on a diet to reduce the number of calories you’re introducing to your body, you may expect a decrease in weight. What the body does is that it obtains the energy it needs by releasing glycogen, a kind of carbohydrate present in the liver, as well as the muscles.

When your body burns glycogen for energy, it releases water, which leads to weight loss. The effect, unfortunately, is not permanent. When you lose weight, your metabolism dips. This causes you to burn fewer calories.  Those diet-only plans make it difficult for you to lose weight and maintain the figure you want.

Dieting Trains the Brain to Crave for More Food

This is a survival mechanism found in people. Humans need food in order to live. People consume calories which, in turn, get converted to energy – and people need that energy to survive.

Without calories, the human body starts to function less and eventually shuts down. When there’s lack of food supply in our system, the body releases hormones to encourage you to eat something. These same hormones are also responsible in making food taste a lot better. This, of course, makes food a lot more irresistible.

Going on a Diet Isn’t Exactly Fun

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No matter what diet you choose to pursue, there’s always an element of deprivation that comes with it. Diet-only plans restrict people to eat certain types of food. Individuals on a diet will have to follow stringent rules. On top of that, they need the willpower to say no.

This, unfortunately, can be problematic. Any type of constraint is not fun for the body. While people want to be healthy, the process of getting there is anything but joyful and pleasurable. Strictly controlling what you can and cannot consume is mentally and physically demanding and exhausting.

So, ditch those diet-only plans that famous people say are quick and effective. Hit up the gym and start sweating.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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