What to Look for in a Barnwood Supplier


In the presented video, the reporter leads viewers through the journey of procuring barn wood for furniture crafting, specifically highlighting the search for appropriate structures. The first crucial step entails meticulous selection, underlining the significance of evaluating the exterior for valuable siding and brown boards essential in furniture construction.

Drawing on experience as a seasoned barnwood supplier, the reporter imparts wisdom on discerning high-quality wood within existing structures. Additionally, the reporter emphasizes the importance of considering factors like the labor-intensive dismantling of structures, waste management, and overall wood value assessment during the barn wood sourcing journey.

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The video showcases the exploration of an old house for potential barn wood salvage. Exterior features such as gray siding and brown boards are highlighted, discussing their condition and potential use in crafting. Throughout the exploration, insights are shared regarding the challenges of dismantling structures, managing waste, and evaluating the overall value of the wood.

Practical advice is offered for those interested in barn wood salvage, encouraging beginners to start with smaller structures for a safer experience. The reporter shares experiences from their journey, starting with nostalgic projects on grandparents’ farms and progressing to larger buildings. The video concludes with measurements of the house’s dimensions and a reminder to seek permission before exploring old buildings on private property.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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