Children Starting in Primary School

What Parents Need to Do for Primary School Children


A child goes through several years in school, where they learn most of the foundations of their personality. They learn socialising skills in daycare and continue onto primary school where they are faced with challenging English, maths, and science classes.

It may not be easy for everyone in the class to grasp lessons quickly and if that student who needs a little more time to catch up with others is your child, you will want to intervene. Here are some things to help you help your children be more engaged in learning:

Take Them to an Educational Trip

School is not the only place where children can learn. On school breaks, you and your family can plan for a trip to places filled with information about topics your child will encounter at school.

A museum tour or a visit to the Chistlehurst caves, for instance, will not have the rigidity of a classroom, which means children will not feel like they are back in school. They will have fun learning new information, making it stick with them longer.

Perhaps it might be the headstart they need to learn, and going back to school with fresh knowledge will make them want to do better. Do not make the entire trip all about soaking up information, however. Allow children to have their fun and do not rob them of their school break.

Find a Trustworthy Tutor

Chislehurst residents go to some of the most challenging schools in the UK. For children, this means competition if they want to graduate with honours. It also means added stress if a child is having a hard time grasping the meaning behind tough English topics.

You can intervene with the help of English tutoring classes for primary school, but only choose tutors who can make your child feel comfortable. Observe their body language when they meet the tutor for the first time. Fear can only go a long way in making children complete their tutoring sessions. It would not be right to associate fear with learning, as this makes schooling quite the unpleasant experience.

What Parents should be doing for Primary School Kids

Remind Them You Love Them

Children turn to their parents for guidance, support, and reassurance. When they do not get that reassurance from you, they will think poorly of themselves and plant it in their head that you are disappointed in them.

That is not the kind of message you want to give to a child who is already having a hard time grasping difficult school lessons. As you are pushing them to be the best version of themselves, do not forget to remind them that you accept them no matter what. This acceptance will ease some of the pressure they feel and they will learn because they genuinely want to, not because they are spreading themselves thin just to seek your approval.

Remember that the way you treat your child will echo into their adulthood. If they grow up feeling insecure about how much they deserve love, they may have problems forming intimate bonds with other people.

Primary school is just the start of a child’s journey into the education system. Be there as a supportive parent every step of the way.


Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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