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A Different Kind of Wellness: Definitive Wellness Trends to Consider in 2021


The wellness industry often transforms year after year. Certain trends for a particular year will usually stem from the defining needs and circumstances that preceded it. In 2021, the wellness industry is expected to undergo drastic changes given the unprecedented outbreak of the global pandemic.

Maintaining your wellness is an essential factor of everyday life. Other wellness activities or routines are also proven to have significant health benefits as well. It should help you feel better about everything that’s going on in your life, internally and externally.

Demand for wellness has been growing steadily over the years. In fact, the previous year alone led to a massive boom in the wellness industry. The most recent data values the wellness industry at approximately $4.5 trillion, which should be enough to signify its importance.

The Shape of Wellness

For the most part, wellness routines took a backseat in the previous year. The suddenness of the global pandemic probably disrupted all of your plans for self-care. Not to mention the added stress and anxiety, which has surely taken a toll on your overall health. Needless to say, everyone was disarmed by the pandemic.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve already found wellness activities of your own after more than a year of living within the context of a global health crisis. Maybe you’ve been reading plenty of beauty articles for free to slowly build your skincare routine. You might even be trying to lessen the amount of time you spend online after countless hours of remote working throughout the week.

As the health crisis nears its end, you should also be getting ready to leave behind all your pandemic woes. Whether you’ve found a routine that works for you or you’re still on the search for something more meaningful and restorative, consider these top wellness trends to prepare yourself for the post-pandemic world.

Disconnection Notice

Reducing digital consumption is becoming increasingly important for many people in the wake of the pandemic. Over the past year, almost everybody was forced to transition to the online realm for their daily activities, from remote working to distance learning. Take a day or two to disconnect and focus your energy on more important things like family time.

If you’re finding it hard to disconnect completely, it’s completely understandable. You can consider limiting your time on social media instead of going offline entirely. There’s too much negativity spreading on various social media platforms and even the news that can directly affect your health. It’s important to remember that you have the power to dictate the kinds of information you consume online.

Bare Necessities

For many people, wellness usually translates to extensive skincare routines. Sometimes, the first step to feeling good is looking good. Moreover, skincare can also be extremely relaxing and provides you with enough time to focus on yourself. This is why it was widely adopted amidst the pandemic. However, expect to have a simpler routine instead of your usual 12-step nighttime process in the months ahead.

Following a good skincare routine can often involve many steps, which can be costly and too much to handle for other people. Most people have also found that certain products can be unnecessary or even harmful to their skin. One of the biggest changes in skincare for the year is the move towards minimalism, dubbed as “skinimalism”. This involved embracing your skin’s natural texture.

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Purposeful Travel

Wellness travel has always been a big hit for a lot of people. Not only does it allow you to take time off for yourself, but it also allows you to see different parts of the world locally or internationally. Restorative experiences and wellness retreats flourished in the pre-pandemic world until they were halted due to lockdowns and travel bans.

The end of the pandemic also promises the lifting of strict travel restrictions to enable better mobility. However, wellness travel is expected to become more purposeful compared to its earlier versions. In the past, you would usually spend your wellness vacation visiting beach resorts and spas. This year, consider more outdoor experiences to reconnect with yourself, nature, and other people.

Good Days Ahead

For this particular year, the wellness industry is definitely leaning more towards providing people with the experiences they missed due to the global pandemic. It’s about regaining a deeper sense of stability in your life after more than a year of disarray and uncertainties.

These routines and activities are also aimed to be more accessible for everybody, especially in light of the mass unemployment crisis and economic downturn. Your wellness doesn’t necessarily have to cost exorbitant amounts for it to be more effective. Wellness has been stripped down to the bare essentials.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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