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Weird Mental Workouts for a Healthier and Stronger Brain


Challenging your brain with fun activities is a great way to keep it strong and healthy. But most people have been trapped in the same routine during the pandemic. Routines are good as these can help keep your sanity. But repeating the same tasks over and over again have negative effects on your brain’s acuity. Plus, you can easily get bored if you don’t spice things up.

Whether you are now working remotely, caring for kids, or recently went back to work, there are a few tricks that can help you exercise your brain. Try these mini brain boosters and work your way to better brain health.

Set more cooking goals

Cooking is a great way to stimulate your brain. When you regularly cook good food with unfamiliar tastes, your brain gets its daily dose of exercise. You also get to deliver the right nutrients to your brain by choosing the right food items.

But then, most kitchens are not optimized for healthy cooking. By improving your kitchen, you can make it look more appealing and easier to cook. This will inspire you to challenge yourself to cook more challenging but equally healthy meals.

Granite countertops are a good choice if your kitchen can use a new workstation. With a beautiful, easy to maintain, and environment-friendly countertop, you will find it easier to prepare bigger meals. This also helps boost the overall aesthetic of the kitchen, improve your mood, and entice the whole family to help prepare more meals.

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Use Your Non-dominant to Complete Projects

There’s a reason why most people use one hand more than the other. Having a dominant hand makes it easier to avoid conflict. We usually use our dominant hand to make precise movements while our non-dominant hand offers better stability.

Training your dominant hand helps to challenge your brain. This will teach your brain better control over your non-dominant hand, making it easier to accomplish more things with it. Plus, you can easily adapt in case your dominant hand gets into trouble.

Our left brain mostly controls the right hand. This since this is the logical side of our brain. Using your other hand to complete projects will surely make things more interesting and fun.

Listen More to Binaural Beats

Have you ever heard of binaural beats? This is when you listen to two different tones no less than 1000 Hz frequency in each ear. The tones must have a frequency of no more than 30 Hz.

According to a study, binaural beats can improve memory and cognition. It can also help improve your mood, confidence, focus, concentration, performance, and motivation. Aside from this, binaural beats also have the capability to reduce one’s stress and anxiety.

Simply reach out to your headphones and listen to binaural beat audio to enjoy these perks. Do this for at least 30 minutes daily. The longer you listen to this beat, the better the benefits will be.

Pick Your Mobile Apps Wisely

Many people use apps on their phones that do little in improving brain health. For instance, social media makes you groupthink, thus ruining your ability to think independently. What strong ties you get can lead to irrational decision-making tendencies.

If you want apps for better brain health, try one that teaches you to learn a foreign language. There are now apps that make learning a new language more fun. This will strengthen your brain, make it more flexible, improve your thinking and memory skills, and boost your ability to focus.

Our brain may not technically be a muscle. But “exercising” it is a great way to maintain good health. Most of the time, we are not aware that our seemingly innocent habits are already bad for our brain. Thankfully, there are ways to stop this from ruining our brain health. Consider trying these unusual mental workouts to achieve a stronger and healthier brain.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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