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Your Wellness: Zen Ways to Live a Stress-free Life


It’s a definite fact that stress is not just hard to overcome. It’s also almost impossible to prevent at times. It can affect almost every aspect of our lives, from the relationships we build, the thoughts and emotions we have, to the quality of work we produce. Some people even have problems with their sleep, while others have it worse, with stress weakening their immune system, leading to more serious health issues.

But by being more mindful of our thoughts, actions, and choices in life, you can take small steps towards a stress-free living. Here are several tips to help you deal with daily stress and live a life with more positivity.

1. Consider alternative treatments

If you’re dealing with constant stress and anxiety, trying out alternative treatments might help you out. Some chiropractic treatments can help relieve stress and muscle tension through massages on certain parts of the body. Chiropractic care is also helpful for improving neck and back pain, easing headaches, and even reducing scoliosis symptoms.

There’s also aromatherapy, which uses essential oils like basil, chamomile, and lavender to give off a calming effect. What’s more, aromatherapy can soothe sore joints, reduce agitation and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and manage pain too.

Other types of treatments you can try include sound and music therapy, pet therapy, herbal, and acupuncture. Bear in mind that you must seek your doctor’s opinion first to ensure you’re choosing a safe treatment for your health.

2. Adopt a pet

pet cat

Caring for animals has been proven to help lower stress, relieve anxiety and depression, and even boost heart health. While most pet owners are totally in it for the joy that companion animals can give, adopting a pet also offers mental and physical health perks. It does not necessarily have to be a cat or dog. Any pet can be great for your health, as long as you’re not allergic to them, of course.

Apart from reducing your stress, pets can also guide to towards a healthier lifestyle. You can get your daily exercise, beat loneliness and isolation, and even add routine and structure to your day. It’s better to adopt than buy a pet.

3. Invest in an aquarium

One surprising benefit of a home aquarium is that it can actually reduce levels of stress. That is exactly why there are fish tanks in high-stress environments such as offices, dentists’ and doctors’ waiting rooms. Experts claim that watching fishes swim around is highly meditative and relaxing.

Having a home aquarium surely is a great way to help you feel calm. Other health benefits of having a home aquarium include better sleep quality, lowered heart rate and blood pressure, improved creativity and focus, and decreased anxiety and pain.

4. Create a relaxation space

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You might be in a situation wherein finding a calming space can be a bit of a challenge, particularly if you’re living with your entire family. However, this is an important part of your wellness retreat. Find an area in your home that can be your personal relaxation zone. It can just be a couch in your bedroom, a small nook, or an entire room. Add a cozy blanket and a good book with your cup of tea and curl up in there for your quiet time.

Also, it’ll be better if your relaxation area has access to sunlight. Dark and gloomy spaces can increase stress levels. During the daytime, make sure you’ve got your heavy curtains or blinds up to let the daylight in.

5. Have a landing station

Most of the time, daily stress comes from small things like not finding your car keys or having a disorganized pile of mail. Get rid of unnecessary stress by creating a landing station at home. You can have hanging storage on your entryway to place your bags, coats, or scarves. Get a file rack to keep your mails, bills, or any printed documents.

For small items such as devices, wallets, keys, or other trinkets, you can utilize a small basket or bowl to keep them organized. Doing these will keep your space free from clutter, which is great for improving mood and reduce stress.

If you can allow negative things to enter your life, you absolutely can get rid of them too. Stop worrying about things that drain your energy and positivity, and focus on creating peace in your mind. Follow these tips and start controlling the chaos in your life!

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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