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Time is Gold: Managing Your Time Effectively


One day on Earth is precisely 23 hours and 56 minutes; called a sidereal day, it is the time it takes the Earth to spin and make a complete rotation on its axis. While it may not exactly be the usual or the standard ‘24 hours’ that people know, 23 hours and 56 minutes is still a lot of time. But it even doesn’t seem to be enough for many people to do all the things they need to do in a single day. Many people often wonder how they could manage time without sacrificing their personal lives, career, and health. Here are some things you can do to make the most of the time you have on Earth.

Create a Schedule

Now, more than ever, people seem to busier than usual. Today’s generation seems to be more career-oriented, passionate to make a mark in the world and become successful in life as soon as possible. They grab every opportunity they could in order to get closer to these life goals, but for some, it becomes a reason for being overworked and the anxiety of running out of time eats at them. Creating a schedule and following it on a regular basis would not only prevent you from chasing deadlines but also condition your mind and body to do things that need to be done. Setting reminders would always sit at the back of your brain, and it usually will trigger something in you once it’s done on a daily basis.

Start on the Most Important Tasks

There are just days where everything is super busy, and you can’t escape the tasks from piling one after the other. The key is first to list all of them down, and then evaluate which ones need to be prioritized first and then start working on them. By simply creating a list would allow you to see just how much is needed to do, and then eventually how much is left. This would provide you with a more organized and efficient work ethic as well.

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Go off the Grid (in the meantime)

The internet offers several ways in which you could get distracted from the tasks that needed to be done. Whether it’d be a cute viral video of puppies playing with babies, or the new Kardashian tea, the distraction on the internet world is always present and endless. Phones are also now essential to work, so turning it off won’t be a great solution, but turning off the notifications from your socials while you proceed your work would definitely take away some distractions.

Time management is not only for people with a busy work schedule, but it’s also very essential for people who have responsibilities beyond their careers. Like single mothers who work day jobs and still have huge responsibilities at home – like feeding their kids and helping them get ready for school, making sure the house is clean, or even taking care of any house pets. There are now several ways that can help you in balancing your time and maintaining a sane mind, like for instance, if you have pets that you need taken to the vet or having them groomed, seeking the help of a pet transport service might help ease the burden of responsibilities that you have. Food delivery apps have risen in abundance due to people lacking time to prepare food for themselves, or for their family. Even the responsibilities or work have encouraged people to shop online for convenience, and ultimately save time than going to the actual store.

It’s no secret that once you entered adulthood, there would be responsibilities and duties that need to be fulfilled. It would also be more exhausting going after your goals for a brighter future. But it’s also important to remember that everything needs to be done in golden moderation, and that time well spent doesn’t equate to fatigue. By resting, it means that you also value your time, so don’t push yourself too hard, and try to value it at times when you really need it.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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