Three Ways in Which Face Shape Influences a Man’s Style


In our everyday interactions, it’s impossible to overlook the influence of physical appearances. We tend to have a favorable impression of people who look good, either through their inherent attractive features or thoughtful efforts in personal style; positive impressions in turn often lead to better results. The facial area draws particular attention; some men do know how to dress smart, but are those style choices working flawlessly with their face shape? These key considerations will let you achieve the optimal look.

Finding the right hairstyle

Have you ever flipped through the pages of those GQ or Esquire issues they keep handy at a hairdresser’s, pointed out a hairstyle you liked, and had your stylist execute it to perfection – only to find that somehow it still didn’t look good on you? Not all hairstyles work equally well across face shapes or with different individual features. A good stylist possesses not only the skill of cutting and styling hair, but also the ability to recognize facial types and hair patterns. They can help you find the right haircut, and facial hair styling such as beard trim and shape, to best harmonize with your unique combination of features. No matter if you’re mixing and mingling in busy Manhattan or a more quiet area of upstate New York, you’ll find that a perfect hairstyle works effortless wonders in your daily interactions with other people.

Selecting frames for glasses

Eyeglasses are an essential accessory which many people wear for visual correction; it’s difficult to arrive at an accurate number, but over half of the American population is estimated to wear glasses at least part of the time for certain situations, such as reading or driving. Prescription glasses help patients deal with conditions such as astigmatism, while many people who enjoy normal 20/20 vision still wear sunglasses for driving and other outdoor activities. You may not care about how glasses look when you wear them in private, but any man who needs to go out wearing glasses will benefit from a stylish appearance when selecting frames matching their face shape. Deep or decorative frames can help add the illusion of width to a long, oblong face shape; round frames help soften angular faces, while narrow or angular frames go well with round faces. The right choice of frame can transform a potentially awkward social experience of wearing glasses into a source of compliments and increased confidence.

Choosing necklines and accessories

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Most people know that human attention is instantly drawn to the face when interacting with other people. But we aren’t just floating and talking heads; our faces sit on top of the rest of our bodies and are judged in relation to them. Men, in particular, need to pay attention to detail when it comes to their neckline and accessories worn around this area; this plays a key part in shaping an overall look. V-necks, for instance, accentuate the jawline of a diamond face shape; crew necks contrast with it. Similarly, a necklace with a pendant naturally tapers to a V-shape, while a scarf creates a round shape. Whether you’re aiming for more contrast or greater harmonization of shapes, it’s vital to take these effects into consideration as a tool for creating the look you’re going after.

Understanding how your face shape influences these three aspects of your style will help you make deliberate choices for the rest of your look, achieving a cohesive effect and making a strong impression on other people.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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