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The Struggle Is Real: Caring for Kids amidst the Pandemic


All parents have their kids as their number one priority. Now more than ever, every parent’s greatest fear is their family getting infected with COVID-19. How can you better care for your little ones during the world health crisis?

With the current threat of the pandemic, we can’t help but be paranoid for our kid’s safety. Aside from abiding from the recommendations of health professionals, here are some ideas that can help you care for your children amidst the pandemic:

Encourage a healthy lifestyle

It is no secret that boosting one’s immune system is one of the best ways to protect ourselves from sickness. So make sure to encourage kids to practice healthy living by feeding them nutritious foods. Let them have enough rest and sleep, as well as adequate exercise.

Get them medical care as necessary

If your kids are feeling unwell, we might be tempted to take them immediately to the hospital. But since hospitals these days can also be dangerous, it is best to take advantage of TeleVisit services instead. You can now have your kids checked by the right pediatrician. They can give you the proper medical care without having to drive your little one to a clinic or hospital.

Keep them occupied

Kids will naturally get bored if they are cooped up too long inside the house. To prevent them from wanting to go outside and play with friends, think of ways to keep them preoccupied. Plan activities they enjoy even while indoors. Navigate their gadget use. Instead, find offline activities for kids that can help them relax and learn new things. Use this opportunity to bond with your kids.

Think about their mental health

Stay-at-home orders can take a toll on their mental and emotional health. What you can do is to make them feel loved and protected. Make them understand why playing outdoors with their friends and even taking them with you while you run errands is not yet safe. You can encourage them to find other ways to talk to their friends and loved ones instead. Make sure to validate their feelings, never judge and establish routines to ease their anxiety.

Father with childrenDon’t take yourself for granted

The pandemic can add more stress to your already piled-up plate. To care for the kids, make sure not to take your health for granted. Find time to relax and destress, even if it means doing this while the kids are busy or that some household chores are put on hold. Eat right, stay active, and catch up on some precious sleep. Socialize with your loved ones via the internet, and don’t be afraid to find support.

If you think that parents are the only ones who are stressed out because of the pandemic, then you are wrong. Even little children are not immune to pandemic-related stress and anxiety. Aside from being extra careful and following the advice of health professionals and the government, there are other ways to better care for your little one.

Know that your kid’s physical health is not only what matters. Don’t forget that your health also matters if you wish to provide them with the love, care, and support they need during these trying times.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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