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Stop Being A Baby And Start Eating Spicy!


Yes, we understand that some people might already be giving us weird looks for promoting extra-spicy food options and, much worse, just downright dismissing the topic altogether because others despise the taste and afterburn. But spicy food has a lot going for it in terms of fitness and well-being than most people give them credit for, especially when you look past the hit-or-miss reputation it’s broadly known for across the internet.

And to help debunk some myths and spit some facts that you might not be aware of, we’ll be going over some of the best health benefits you can expect to get just by simply adding a little more spice to your daily dietary guidelines. Plus, if we’re lucky enough on the draw, we might convince you to join our side and become a spicy food advocate in the process!

In Terms Of Fitness, It’s The Perfect Flavor!

Nowadays, it seems like everyone’s big on fitness. Whether it be that old college friend or your younger sister just a room away, everybody’s trying to introduce a lot more movement and exercise to their lives bit by bit. However, we all know that fitness alone doesn’t stand firm with workouts alone because it needs the help of careful meal planning, the one place where spicy food can work its magic the best.

  • Jumpstarts Your Metabolism: Firstly, if you’re planning to achieve a total body makeover on par with Tom Hardy’s body physique transformations, you’ll know very well how crucial fast metabolism is in the bigger picture. And if there’s one thing you can count on spicy food to do, it’s jumpstarting your metabolism with every hit you take from flavor and hotness. This happens because of the capsaicin, which causes you to work up a sweat and burn more calories in the process.
  • Keeps You Full For Much Longer: Besides burning extra calories, spicy food also accommodates your fitness goals by keeping you full for much longer. You see, apart from giving you that extra kick from the hotness, you’ll be eating for a long time but with the same meal proportions, giving your stomach more time to process your food. And other than making your mouth feel like the gateway to a solar explosion, your satiety levels will increase significantly.
  • Improves Digestion And Gut Health: Although some people often associate spicy food with long times stuck sitting on the toilet, incorporating more spice into your meals improves digestion and gut health because it reduces inflammation and contributes to the healthy microbiome. As a result, you’ll be feeling and looking more radiant than ever, which will complement those laser hair removal treatments and self-care investments to looking your best.

spicy food

Extra-Spicy Ingredients Are Easy To Prepare!

Another excellent and very objective reason you should consider eating more spicy food regularly is that extra-spicy ingredients are super easy to find and don’t require a lot of thought processes to involve in your diet. Plus, many dishes you already enjoy can be easily transformed into spicy options with fresh hot peppers or some dried chilies.

  • Red Pepper Flakes And Hot Sauce: As far as toppings go, red pepper flakes and hot sauce are two of the most famous and accessible options you can get from off the shelf and directly onto your next meal. And whether it be for the pizza, an Italian salad, or a family favorite, sprinkling a bit of either of the two should work wonders for you.
  • Learning A New Dish: Of course, if you’re more than willing to learn and add a new dish to your cooking repertoire, we recommend finding a spicy meal you would enjoy trying and learning it from scratch. For example, you could try making authentic bibimbap straight from Korea and go for spicier ingredients in your recipe or make a different sauce entirely.

Warning: Please Exercise Caution In The Spicy Levels.

Nevertheless, if you’re well aware that you can’t handle the heat that well when it comes to spicy food, don’t push yourself to try something that your body disagrees with. Too much spicy food can also have adverse effects when not appropriately monitored, and, in worst-case scenarios, you run the risk of heartburn, involuntary reflux, or severe stomach pain. So, keep the spicy levels to a mild and tolerable level to keep you away from harm and discomfort.

Enjoying A Great Meal With A Good Sweat!

Overall, spicy food does deserve merit and extra points for all the health benefits it can provide, and if you’re responsible for meal planning and spice levels, you can avoid virtually all risks. So, don’t shy away from enjoying limitless great meals while working up a good sweat!

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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