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Setting up the Stage for Your Proposal


A man, at one point, will find himself in the position of making one big decision. This is to ask his girl’s hand in marriage. In Salt Lake City, you will find beautiful custom engagement rings. Picking one will make the event more personal and special. After all, you will be handing her a piece of jewelry unlike no other. But, aside from securing a one-of-a-kind accessory, what other things must you consider or do before popping the question?

Contemplate on the Status of Your Relationship

Engagement is not just a relationship whim. Before you ask the question, make sure that this is what you want. More importantly, make sure that it is what she wants, too. Are you on the same page and timeline? You would not want to be rejected because it would hurt both of you. It may, at some point, put a strain on your relationship, too. Insert small talk about the future in your conversations. From here, you will have an idea of how she feels about the two of you taking that big leap.

Ask the Most Significant People

Having her parents know before her is one of the best steps you can make. Although it may sound very old-fashioned, her parents and your love will appreciate the gesture. You may not ask them outright for permission. But tell them about your plans. It will give them peace of mind, knowing that their daughter will be taken care of.

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Plan a Custom Experience

Think of what she likes and incorporate it into your proposal. Is she fond of sunsets? Then have a sunset proposal maybe while aboard a small boat. Setting the scene to her interests will make her feel special.

Also, there are three things that you must remember. Never pattern your engagement after anyone else’s. What may work for them might not work for you. Second, do not pop your question at somebody’s event. It may be romantic to ask at another’s wedding, but it is not advisable. This will feel like stealing the limelight from somebody else. Lastly, do not make it a very public event. A throng of people witnessing you getting down on your knees can put pressure on her. She may say yes at the moment and regret it later on.

Be Specific

This event is not simply about popping the question and getting her answer. A small speech may come in handy at this time. Your girl might ask why you want to marry her. Do not give her vague answers such as “I love you” and “I want to spend my life with you.” One way to surely make her heart melt is when you go to specifics. Tell her of instances when you found yourself falling for her all over again.

Time It Well

You must eradicate any suspicions that you are cooking something up. Set your proposal at a time when she is busy with something else. Maybe she is in the middle of a project at work or planning a friend’s special event. Then ask her out in the context of giving her a breather. Make sure that she looks her best, though. You would not want her to look back on photographs and see herself looking like a zombie.

Your proposal is the beginning of a special period in your relationship. Make sure that it is something memorable and heartfelt.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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