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Providing Balance Between Privacy And Light: Types of Construction Glass You Should Know


Maximum natural lighting for your indoors and privacy do not seem like two elements that you can get at the same time. It seems like you will have to sacrifice one for the other. Thankfully, thanks to innovation, you can now get both privacy and maximum natural lighting. This will mean opting for glass windows and doors for your property.

For most property owners, glass windows and doors mean an extra budget for blinds, shutters, and curtains to maximize their privacy. A windows and doors contractor based in Utah can, however, guide you on the best glass to use for your property to get both privacy and lighting without curtains and other window treatments. The following are some of the glass types the contractor may recommend in this instance.

Translucent Glass

This glass features a frosted appearance. This frosting is generated by acid-etching or sandblasting a clear sheet of glass on one side. The effect is glass that will let light pass through but blur images. The use of vinyl can also achieve a frosted effect. This option, however, limits the natural light allowed to filter through the glass to some extent. Translucent glass works best for front doors, shower doors, and large windows because it is inexpensive.

Textured Glass

This has different designs or patterns impressed onto a glass pane. These not only add a decorative element but will also the obscure image on one side of the mirror. There are different patterns for the textured glass, and you can choose one that matches your gate if you are using it for your front door. Glass manufacturers can also customize the patterns to increase or decrease the amount of sunlight that filters into your property and the level of privacy you get.

Glass Bricks

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This type of glass has square-like designs throughout its lengths. It serves both a functional and decorative purpose. It will allow the infiltration of stunning light effects into your interiors while maintaining different levels of privacy. Moreover, this glass type will insulate your property against cold and heat, thus minimizing your energy expenses. Glass bricks also offer some level of noise insulation, making them ideal for windows and doors in noisy environments.

Switchable Privacy Glass

This is a high-tech innovation that allows you to switch between an opaque and clear glass pane. The glass, in this instance, has a polymer-dispersed liquid crystal {PDLC} film. This film is electrically switched on and off. In its ‘’off’’ state, the film is light-scattering, and your window or door is opaque, maximizing your privacy and letting in minimal light. In the ‘’on’’ position, the glass is non-light-scattering and thus transparent.

Glass windows and doors no longer mean a lack of privacy or a compromise on your security with the above alternatives. Most of the glass used is laminated. This means there is a polyvinyl butyral layer surrounding the panes. If the glass breaks, the layer will hold the shattered panes in place. This negates injuries and property damage from flying glass shards.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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