Proper Maintenance for Your Epoxy Floor


Epoxy flooring is ideal for certain areas of your home. For example, it is perfect for use in your garage. The best thing about it is that it requires very little maintenance when you compare it with other flooring materials.

That doesn’t mean that epoxy flooring requires no maintenance at all. In fact, to prolong the life of your flooring you may need help from professionals. For example, you might need to hire contractors who can provide epoxy floor sealers in Utah or any other location. For your part, there are certain things that you can do which will help in the maintenance of your epoxy flooring.

Tips for Epoxy Floor Maintenance

Here are some tips that you can use for maintaining your epoxy floor:

  1. For Minor Spills

When it comes to minor spills and drips, even from your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about that too much. That’s one of the main advantages of epoxy flooring. You can just wipe those off with rags or paper towels.

  1. Routine and Heavy Cleaning

When it comes to routine cleaning, you can use a soft-bristle broom or a dust mop. For heavier cleaning, you need to sweep the floor to remove all the debris and then use a mop for final cleaning. Use hot water and ammonia if you have to to remove the stain and the spill.

  1. Dealing with Rust Stains

When you’re dealing with rust stains you may have to do a little scrubbing. You can use a kitchen scrubbing pad for that. Start with using hot water and if that doesn’t work use some products that are meant for stain removal. Now, don’t use products that are too harsh or that might damage the flooring.

  1. Stay Away from Acids

When choosing cleaning products for your epoxy flooring, make sure that you do not buy cleaning products that contain a lot of acids. Even soap-cleaners can leave stains on the epoxy surface so better stay away from those as well.

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  1. Use a Welcome Mat

Use a welcome to the entrance of your garage or the room where you use the epoxy flooring. That can help remove the dirt, snow, or water before they enter the room.

  1. Avoid Damages

Try to avoid damaging the surface of the flooring with abrasions. For example, if you have a motorcycle, use a mat to shield the flooring surface from the metal stand.

  1. Hosing it Down

You can choose to hose down your epoxy flooring and then use a squeegee to dry it off. Just remember, it might take some time for it to completely dry.

  1. Use Plywood

When lifting heavy loads with jacks, be sure to place some plywood pieces under the jack stands.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to maintain your epoxy flooring.

Your epoxy flooring is versatile and rugged. It can handle a lot of wear and tear without the need for heavy maintenance. You should ignore your flooring though. There are steps that you can take to help maintain and prolong its life.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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