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Pocket-Sized Ideas: Small Home Design Tips for New Homeowners


It’s been a long time since lockdowns were first introduced in a bid to stop the virus. With lots of time on your hands, you might’ve come up with creative ways to spend your time. One of those ways might be to observe your home, looking for ways to spice up the décor and upgrade your home’s appearance.

There are a number of ways you can make your home look and feel different without opening your wallet wider. You could invest in some affordable designer wool rugs with a modern style or tear down a small part of your home to make way for a renovation. If you’re a new homeowner, it could take years before you get tired of your home’s initial appearance, but you’ll want to spruce it up sooner or later.

Your home’s interior design is typically based on whatever inspiration strikes you at the moment. If you feel like there’s an idea coming up, take a look at our tips for inspiration. You never know which designs might appeal to you.

Pay Attention to Design, Style, and Organization

New homeowners usually settle for what’s available — and most of the time, small homes are on the market. Most homeowners looking for homes during the pandemic will settle for what’s the most affordable choice. It may be a small home, it may not be, but you should always prepare for whatever home you’ve bought or rented.

Whether it’s a small or medium house, you should have an idea that utilizes the best of design, style, and organization. It can make a small house look bigger as well as uncluttered. Some of those ideas coming from that trick may actually be customized according to the theme you have in mind.

It Does Come Down to the Right Choices

There are a lot of ideas on the market, but whether your home looks cluttered or not is usually up to your design choices.

If you’re to choose between exposed-leg furniture or ones without, choose the former. It makes it look like space is wider and leads to an illusion of space. You can contrast it with furniture like a skirted sofa. Couple it with a patterned rug or something to make the space look busy.

Additionally, you should also make sure that the furniture doesn’t obstruct any sightlines. The perfect table for a small living room could be a wire mesh table that adds more texture to space and doesn’t add to the visual weight of a setting.

Mirrors Do Lend an Illusion

Small spaces always look larger when they’re reflected by a mirror. Mirrors tend to make a room larger and, when placed correctly, adds to the illusion of depth. Create a spacious room by placing mirrors in strategic positions.

You should make these mirrors fit the theme you’re trying to accomplish. If you already have rustic furniture in the room you’re trying to enlarge, make sure the frame of the mirror lends to that theme. An antique glass may be just what you need to make the additional furniture fit in.

Pay Attention to your Storage Options

Another trick you can do to make a small space seem larger is to remove anything that comes across as clutter. Decorating small spaces can be a chore despite the availability of the area. If you can, try to make the room look larger by keeping away anything that obstructs the view of ‘joinery.’

Joinery is the point where your designs to make a room look larger meet. With less furniture, the small space also looks incredibly uncluttered and tidy, and that can lend to the classy feel of your small home.

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Do Invest in Reclaimed Furniture

You don’t have to invest a huge amount of money to get the rustic-themed or white-inspired room that you want. Sometimes, a trip to the used furniture store is all it takes for you to design your home the way you want. Used furniture stores also make it easy to achieve your rustic designs.

If you want, during the pandemic, you can shop online. There are a lot of stores that sell antique furniture, and they’ll also deliver it right to your doorstep too. Try to look for pieces that look old but aren’t falling apart, either.

Whether small or big, designing homes can be classified as work. Figuring out designs is hard, too, if you don’t have a theme in mind. Settle first on a design that you want for your small home; the rest, like enlarging space and making things seem new, will follow after.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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