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So You’re Moving to a New Home in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic


Moving between homes can be one of the most annoying tasks during a pandemic. For some people, moving has to be exact and precise with the date as some are moving from leased homes, making the moving date a tight schedule. This process can put much pressure on the occupants who have to think of everything, from preparing their stuff and contacting moving companies to setting a schedule while maintaining safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, people can move by themselves using their own hands to carry things around and their vehicles for moving their possessions. But for those who will hire professional movers for help, things can be a bit more challenging to plan with safety in mind. Here are some tips for moving, both by yourself and with a moving company.

Moving by Yourself

Moving by yourself can seem challenging on paper, but you can do this task independently with the right mindset. That said, here are things you can do when opting to move by yourself:

Plan Ahead

Moving is probably the same process as in before times. Except for this time, you have to think of your safety because the virus can be transmitted in various ways. With this, if you are planning to move by yourself without the help of a moving company, you don’t have to worry much about contact with movers as you will be managing everything by yourself.

Planning for the move will require some advanced thinking on your part. First of all, you’d have to fix all the papers involved in the move, including address changes for your documents, insurance during the move, and other permits you need to get before the move. Then you can start sorting and packing your things for an orderly process. For the actual moving day, you should start planning the most convenient date for you, the route you plan on taking, and even the possible weather on that day by looking at weather forecasts.

The Fewer Number of Trips, the Safer

During the move, you should remember that it is better to take fewer trips. Not only is this more economical and cost-friendly, but it is also safer as you will be going out in public less. If you can, do it in one day with only a few back-and-forths between properties. But if you have many stuff to move that requires a few days, try to pack as much as you can each trip. This option will minimize your exposure to other people while traveling.

Renting a Truck or Vehicle for Moving

If you are renting a vehicle to move things by yourself, be cautious about the vehicle. Ask the vehicle owner about how they can make the van safe for you, including disinfection before and after use. For reasonable measures, you must insist on having the high-touch points of the vehicle sanitized before you use it.

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Working with a Moving Company

A moving company can be out of your budget, especially with the bills you have to pay. But working with a moving company does have its benefits. Here are things you must consider before hiring a moving company:

Do Your Research

Hiring a moving company like Moyer’s Movers can be a more efficient process for you. Still, it might open a more considerable risk of contracting the virus as you work with other people. So do your research on the company you plan on hiring.

Contact them and inquire about the range of the areas they can cater to and how many or how big the items they can accommodate to help you decide. Try to find other customers’ ratings and feedback to know how well they do their job. Also, ask about how the safety measures they put in place to ensure the well-being of their clients. If the company offers contactless moving where you don’t have to be present during the entire process, you can get this as a safer option.


When working with a moving company, your moving schedule might be more restricted. Because of this, you have to plan out the days before, during, and after the actual moving process. While packing, keep in mind that others will be handling your things, so strategically place more fragile items and attach notes on you want them handled by the company. You can also add instructions on where to put them in your new property as you may not be there when they arrange the move. Especially during and after the move, you have to set aside a day for disinfecting your belongings as other people will have touched them. If you can, consider staying in a different home during the process to minimize outside contact with people.

All these should keep you safe while moving between homes during this pandemic. Minimizing the risks should help keep you and your family safe even when briefly exposed to the outside world. Just make sure to uphold safety protocols all the time as you can never be too careful these days.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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