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Creating a Safe Outdoor Playing Environment for Your Children


Are your kids spending way too much time on smartphones and video games? Are they choosing to stay indoors habitually over going outside? Then, it is high time that you change this unhealthy habit! Remember, as kids, how we went outdoors and played our hearts out. It helps in not only our physical growth but also emotional, social, and intellectual development.

As parents, the onus is on you to give your kids a similar healthy and meaningful lifestyle for their overall well-being. Taking them outdoor should become your goal! However, you need to ensure that the playing area where you intend to send them is safe, and this can be easily done. Find out how you can set up a safe yet fun outdoor playing neighbourhood for your kid.


You can get the place disinfected of insects, especially ticks and mosquitoes. For this, you can choose to take professional help from service providers, who can easily disinfect the area with all-natural mosquito and tick control solutions. It would be unwise to get the place sanitized with harmful disinfectants as they can lead to other health problems.

Cleaning Up

You must get the play area and its surroundings completely clean pertaining to hazardous materials like chemicals, rusted tools, lawn equipment, etc. It would be disastrous if kids come in contact with any such materials. Another suggestion would be to cut bushes and excessive grass in the area to avoid the chances of any dangerous animal lurking in the vicinity.


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A good way to stop children wandering off from the play area is to get a fence around it, especially if there are roads, open water bodies or construction sites nearby. A shocking number of drowning accidents happen in the US every year, most victims being children. Distracted driving in the neighbourhoods is also a cause of several road accidents. It is also good to have fences if there are any electrical appliances like air conditioners around the playground. However, putting a fence around is just a temporary solution; the best way to avoid such tragedies is to make kids aware of the eventualities.

Playground Safety

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is the safety available at the playgrounds. The major cause of children’s injuries while playing occurs due to falls on or from playground equipment. However, this can be prevented by making sure that kids play on equipment according to their age. Additionally, you can also ensure that all pieces of equipment are well maintained, in good working condition, and properly anchored to the ground.

The surface below the equipment should also be well cushioned so that falls are less hurtful and not fatal. Today, many playgrounds across the US have gone for rubber mulch surfaces as they are entirely non-toxic and offer proper cushions for falls.

Safety Around Riding Toys and Bicycles

If your kids are planning to ride bicycles or any other riding toys like roller skates, skateboards, then it is advisable to get them to wear helmets. Also, ask them to properly fasten their straps and shoelaces as head injuries due to bicycle or skateboard falls can be fatal.


Setting up a safe play area is not the ultimate solution. Proper guidance for children is quite vital as well. Kids tend to miss out on doing things in the right way due to their enthusiasm to play. It is your responsibility as a parent to teach and guide them. As parents, you should teach your kids about being alert of possible dangers while playing on swings, slides, monkey bars, etc.

In addition, they need to be taught about being respectful to other kids so that there is no pushing and pulling to play on specific equipment. Encouraging safe behavior in children will go a long way in ensuring their and their friends’ well-being while playing outdoors.


If you have kids that are below10-12 years, it is advisable to monitor them while they play in the neighborhood. It is the best way to ensure that they are secure and, at the same time, having all the fun! Parents often accompany their kids to the playground as small children feel safe when their parents are around. When you go along, ensure to explore the equipment they are likely to play on to ensure that there are no sharp surfaces that can cause injuries or loose bolts that can cause equipment malfunction.

We all want our kids to grow up as the best version of themselves, and outdoor activities are one of the aspects that can help them achieve that. So, let’s give them that chance, let’s set up a wonderful outdoor playing neighborhood for them!

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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