Men and Rings: How to Secretly Get Your Partner’s Size


Giving rings as a gift has always been a beautiful way to showcase your love for someone. Classic as it may be, it can be quite difficult to purchase rings, especially when it’ll be for a surprise. While there are resizing options available, you’d still want to make a great impression by making sure it fits right the moment your partner puts that ring on their finger.

Historically, women are often at the receiving end of surprise proposals, but recently, getting “man-gagement” rings has been on the rise, too. Now getting men’s ring sizes can be more challenging to obtain if your partner seldom or even doesn’t wear a ring at all, but there are various ways that you can subtly get the correct one.

Rummage Through Their Stuff

If your partner wears rings, getting their size will be more manageable for you. If they don’t wear the ring often, you can sneak it out for a day and take it straight to the jewelers. However, if they like wearing rings whenever they go out, a good alternative would be to try the ring out for yourself and draw a line below where the ring sits on your finger. If the ring is too big for you, the next best thing would be to get a piece of paper and trace the inside of the ring. Jewelers would prefer the area where the ring sits on your finger or the insides of the ring itself since it will serve as an accurate measurement that may lower the possibility of getting some resizing done.

Look for a Willing Accomplice

couple looking at ringsTo succeed in this mission, your partner’s closest friends will also have to be yours. There are a lot of methods of acquiring the size that may be flat out obvious, like asking them to ask your partner about his ring size. So you can either look for someone who likes wearing rings and have them jokingly make your partner try it out. If you have friends who are looking to get engaged, have them tag your partner along the quest for the perfect ring. That can be the more subtle route if you’re having trouble getting the ring size by yourself.

Get Crafty

Now, if your partner does not wear a ring at all, this can be a challenging task. You can wait it out until they fall asleep, in hopes that your partner is a heavy sleeper. Using a piece of string, may it be yarn, thread, dental floss, or anything you could tie around his finger, can do the trick. If this won’t be possible because you might wake your partner up in the process, think of an activity where you could use their handprint or trace their hand. Just tell them it’ll be for decorating purposes and hope that they will not think of it as something fishy. If all else fails, have them accompany you to “buy a ring for a friend” and have them model rings of different sizes for you.

Getting men’s ring sizes can involve a lot of planning and going on stealth mode. If things still wouldn’t go as planned, there will always be an option to resize. The important thing is, the surprise itself would make your partner happy. It’s the thought that counts. You’ll also have a funny story to share with friends on the big day!

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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