Making a Period House More Modern with These Ideas


Bristol is home to some of the best period properties dating back to the Victorian era. Upgrading a property can be a delicate venture, but specific renovations can make your house better without changing the overall feel.

New Flooring

One of the best updates you can make on an old home is new flooring. It can instantly make a property appear brand new while remaining true to the period. Hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished. However, the age of your property may require complete replacement. Replacing hardwood can be expensive, and most homeowners opt for laminate flooring instead.

Laminate flooring has the same appearance, strength, and feel like wood. However, it is less likely to swell or warp. It is easier to install and dismantle, allowing for further upgrades such as insulation or heated floors. Updating your floors can take a week or two, depending on the size of your property.


Owning a period property can be expensive. Large homes typically consume large amounts of electricity and gas for cooling and heating, especially during summer and winter. One way to control your energy consumption is by making sure your house is properly insulated. With proper insulation, you can reduce your electricity and gas bill by up to 30 percent.

Insulation is largely unseen, mostly limited to the ceiling or roof of the house. Heat transfer primarily occurs through the roof, so merely insulating the attic with foam can pay huge dividends. Foam insulation can typically be applied in just two to three days, instantly controlling the temperatures inside your house. Open vents and cracks in window frames can also lead to drafts, so make sure to check for them, or they might be mistaken as signs of the paranormal.

Sun-Proof Windows

Ultraviolet (UV)radiation can be damaging to your home. Period properties are typically adorned with wooden set pieces, and UV can cause their paint to fade and dull. UV light is no simple matter, as even quarts and granite can discolour in just a few months of exposure. Large windows made to let sunlight in becoming a vulnerability, enabling UV to enter your home. Heavy curtains can certainly prevent UV from entering, but they also make a house feel gloomy, and you’ll need to open them from time to time eventually.

modern house windows

A more permanent solution is to line your glass windows with UV-filtering film. UV film blocks the harmful effects of UV without blocking sunlight. It can be applied to your windows like a sticker and appear as clear or as dark as you choose. Making your house UV proof will also make it safer for its inhabitants, as constant exposure to UV can lead to skin cancer and melanoma.

A Modern Conservatory or Greenhouse

Make your home a little more Victorian by adding a conservatory or greenhouse. Whether you plan on growing flowers or regular crops, a greenhouse makes a bigger impact than a common garden.

Opt for polycarbonate sheets instead of traditional glass. Polycarbonate sheets have a similar appearance to glass, but they are a lot harder. Unlike glass, polycarbonate sheets will not shatter. Even if they get damaged, replacing them is inexpensive. Polycarbonate sheets diffuse sunlight, making sure your plants receive the same amount of sunlight while keeping out harmful UV radiation that can harm your plants. Your plants will be healthier and have a more uniform growth as if grown by professionals.

Make a few improvements to your property while keeping its history intact. Period properties can still be improved as long as the improvements are well thought of and remain true to their original designs.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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