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How to Productively Love Someone with Epilepsy


A lot of people think that those with epilepsy can no longer work productively or be included in social circles and scenes. In the past, epilepsy tended to be debilitating to the point that people could not go to school and work because of it. Described as a disorder of the brain that causes recurrent seizures, about 60% of epilepsy has an unknown origin. Many health experts believe it is caused by stroke, trauma, brain infection, tumor, and brain injuries. In truth, it is impossible to predict when a seizure might happen, though some known triggers are food, stress, alcohol, and illnesses.

Encourage Therapy

There are all sorts of therapy for people with epilepsy. One way to encourage your loved ones who continue to suffer from this condition is to accompany them to therapy. You can either drive for them or sit with them during the session itself if that is allowed. It is better for epileptic people to attend sessions with others who also go through the same thing as them. Don’t encourage private sessions because that will be a form of isolation.

While at first they might be hesitant to attend these sessions, don’t be discouraged from persuading them slowly. By constantly talking about it and encouraging them to seek help, they will open their eyes to the reality that this might be the best thing to do. Therapy has been a taboo topic for so long. It’s time people understand that therapy helps and doesn’t discriminate.

Join Research

Many researchers are looking for epilepsy study participants. You can begin talking about this to your loved one. There are many benefits to joining studies. Epilepsy patients can help others understand their condition better. The more experts understand what goes into a seizure or what triggers such seizures, the more that they can elevate the quality of life of epilepsy patients now and in the future.

Sometimes, patients are not comfortable with the idea of sharing their experiences with researchers, thinking that they are being exploited. Perhaps, if you take time to discuss with them their concerns about the study, then that will help make them understand why it matters. Their participation in studies will help not only people who are right now suffering from the condition but babies and children who will have a better life with a better treatment and therapy method.

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Attend a First Aid Lesson

You will need to come to your loved one’s aid during and after a seizure. The goal of the first aid for seizure is to keep the person safe until the seizure stops. Violent seizures can put your loved one and others at risk. Sometimes, the person will lose consciousness after a seizure. Depending on how aggravated that person is during the seizure, you may even need to take them to the emergency room.

They won’t know what has happened to them when they wake up, so make sure to speak to them calmly. Tell them what has happened in simple terms, though try not to shock them too much. You should be comforting. That will help them calm down.

Continue Socializing

Some people with epilepsy are totally withdrawn from the social scene. Make sure that a loved one with epilepsy feels welcome in your own group. Even if you have friends from other social circles, continue inviting your loved one to join you for drinks or dinner. Just make sure that the rest of the group understands their condition. People will be more sensitive with how they react if they are aware of the condition in the first place.

Get Them a Dog

You cannot be 100% beside them all the time, but a dog will. Get them a trained dog that knows what to do when a seizure is happening. There are a lot of centers that provide the proper training for companion dogs. Choose any breed that your loved one will be comfortable with, although Labradors and Golden Retrievers are the safest bets. This way, even if you aren’t always available to accompany them to work, errands, and social activities, someone trained will be with them every step of the way.

No one is claiming that living with epilepsy is easy. It can be the most depressing condition in the world, although not if you are with your loved ones during the most turbulent of times. Your presence alone will make a huge difference in the life of someone with epilepsy. They will feel better knowing that you are making an effort for them.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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