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Lifestyle Pointers to Help Reduce Indoor Air Pollution


Each day, millions of pollutants can enter your home in different ways. Some get carried by the wind, while others attach themselves to your clothes unsuspectingly.

Consumer Reports say that several things can enter your home on your clothing, including animal allergen and pollens. Meanwhile, other pollutants originate inside your home, including pet dander or the smoke from a burned piece of toast. That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to get rid of all these impurities to help reduce the air pollution inside your house. To do those, you can follow the checklist below and reduce all harmful contaminants for good.

Open all windows

One of the easiest ways to get rid of air pollutants is by opening the windows. It’s a practical way to ventilate the area by encouraging a good circulation of indoor and outdoor air.

It’s also essential to keep the windows open while cleaning to reduce pollution from the chemicals found in most cleaning products. While there’s no doubt that most cleaning products these days can get the job done, many of them aren’t as environmentally-friendly as many people would presume.

Keeping your home well-ventilated after cleaning is an effective way to eliminate these harmful chemicals as you clean. You can consider using eco-friendly products if you’re anxious about it, too.

Service all your gas appliances

Good Housekeeping Magazine says that it’s essential to get a gas engineer to safety-check all the gas appliances inside your house at least once a year. Doing so ensures that everything functions as it should safely. Also, if you’re cooking food for an extended period using a gas cooker, it’s crucial to ensure that you open the window to get the area well-ventilated.

Remember that carbon monoxide can be deadly, especially when exposed over a long period. Having your appliances serviced once a year allows an expert to see if they pose gas leak hazards. If you notice any carbon monoxide leaks, it’s best to open all the windows and call the Gas Emergency Helpline.

The next time you do a kitchen renovation, it’s practical to install a few dryer vents in the kitchen. You can run the fans in the kitchen to remove cooking fumes easily while removing the steam.

Get rid of all the damp and mold

Like with any other issue, prevention is better than cure, especially when treating mold. You need to regularly perform a house check to see if there are any pipes and drainage that needs repair. It’s also best to check the roof and the window frames for any cracks or openings that can cause the water to come in.

Experts say that condensation is another prime reason for mold growth. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your home has the right insulation and ventilation to get rid of moisture effectively.

Meanwhile, if you already notice mold growth in a few corners of your home, getting a mold spray can help get rid of it for good. But for larger areas of mold growth and dampness, employing an expert is the best choice.

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Get an air-purifying product

Houseplants can do more than make your house’s interior look warm and inviting. There are a couple of plants that can help purify the air, too. Plants such as Snake Plants and English Ivy can help detoxify your house by removing toxins in the air.

Another way to get rid of air pollutants is by getting an air purifier. These devices help reduce various toxins in the air, including smoke and microplastics.

Getting rid of pollutants inside your home is a must, especially if you live with someone with allergies or weak immune systems. You can also find other ways to reduce the toxins inside your home that will work well with your lifestyle.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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