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Landscape Ideas That Will Make a Dog Happy


Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to get out and enjoy your time in the garden. This time spent outdoors will help you achieve better physical and mental health. It even becomes more enjoyable if you have a dog along with you. Hours of romping around in the backyard are good for both the pet and owner.

But, you might have one concern running in your mind. How safe is your garden when your furry friend loves to dig, chew, and mark their territory? Can beautiful gardens and active dogs coexist? The first thing that can help you with this predicament is to engage your puppy in a training program. They should learn obedience and some skills as early as they can. This way, you can be at peace bringing them in the garden with you.

A trained and disciplined puppy does not mean a timid one. Your little ball of fur would still have a great deal of energy in them. Small accidents of cracked pots and dirt all around pathways may still happen. For you not to feel that you need to be always on your toes, learn how to landscape your garden in a dog-friendly way. Here are some ideas.

Add a Water Feature

The summer heat can make your dog prone to heat exhaustion. Make sure that your pet has access to clean water for drinking purposes. To make it blend with your landscape, you may have a splash fountain where they can take some sips if needed.

You can make it more elaborate by having a small pond or a kiddie pool where they can wade and swim. Make sure, though, the depth is enough for your pet to get in and out of the water with ease. Your pet will enjoy their time in the water and cool themselves.

Provide Some Shade

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Even if your pet has so much energy, they need a place to wind down. What people see as a harmless roll on the soil may be a signal that your pet needs to cool themselves down. There are many options for dogs to stay when they want to be away from the sun’s glare. If you want to go natural, think of big trees with leaves that serve as a canopy. Big and cool boulders are also ideal for them to stretch out their bodies.

In the absence of such features, you can have a small arbor or pergola. These structures are not for pets alone as you may also enjoy some quiet time here. Still, the best place for dogs to have uninterrupted rest time is a doghouse.

Give Them a Place to Patrol, Dig, and Play

It is innate for a dog to scope the territory and to dig some earth. It will be a futile act to let them go against their nature. What you can do is to adjust your landscape to give the dogs the liberty to do these things without bringing damage. You can build a dog pathway around your garden bed for them to run along the territory. This way, they would not step on your well-loved plants. Have a sandbox where they can dig as long as they want. You can even hide some toys and treats here.

You can also let them play around by placing logs and stumps as an obstacle course. This will prevent them from destroying your flowerbeds. You should also potty-train your dog. When they have this skill, they will not relieve themselves in different places.

Consider Having Physical Barriers

If you have some plants that you do not want to come in contact with your pet, consider having fences. Fences work both ways. You can protect your dogs from plants that might be harmful to them. Also, you can protect your plants from getting destroyed.

There are many materials available for these physical borders. You can match your fences with the theme of your garden. You can go whimsical, rustic, or modern. Aside from their aesthetic value, you have to make sure that they are sturdy. Also, make sure that your pet would not get stuck between the gaps.

Choose Your Plants and Chemicals Well

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Some plants are toxic for dogs. Before planting anything in your garden, research for blooms that are safe for your pet. Your best source of what is safe or not would be your veterinarian. Though you may also search the internet for dog-safe plants. Reducing the use of chemicals and weed killers is helpful for the environment and safe for your pet.

Still, the best way to make sure that both your garden and your dog are in the best conditions is to spend time with your pet. Do not leave them alone in your garden. Boredom, heat, and other needs may prompt them to do havoc to your plants and blooms. Enjoy playing with them as they explore your gardens.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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