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The Road to Overall Fitness: a Journey to Healthy Living


During this pandemic, people that are conscious about their health are slowly increasing. A good immunity against many viruses and bacteria is what many are trying to achieve. Making simple changes, such as avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, can go a long way. Living day by day from a routine consisting of sitting, eating, and sleeping won’t do you any good in the future. Incorporating a bit of physical activity will help enhance your life on so many levels.

Aside from getting a good figure from exercising, you can also achieve overall fitness. But the problem is that many people tend to get discouraged from exercising after a few weeks because they do not see visible results. What most people are not aware of is that outcomes will vary from person to person.

Getting Started

So, how can one start a fitness routine? This question is the most common thing people often ask. Beginning with a daily schedule can help you early in the task. According to experts, starting your day right by stretching after getting off your bed plays a huge role in the process.

Next on your list should be to designate a specific location where to commence your physical activities. It can be anywhere, including your bedroom, living room, or garage.

Others prefer working out from their backyard. It allows them to be in touch with nature while enjoying a rigorous activity. If you have a spacious garden area, there are many ways for you to transform it into a fitness haven. By adding simple dividers, you can create a separate room devoted to your daily routines. If you’re on a budget, there are many alternatives, too. An aluminum fence is relatively cheaper than others in the market. Nonetheless, keeping a serene environment will clear your mind and let you focus on your goal.

Cardio Exercises to Try

Now that you’ve got all the necessary preparations, it’s time to begin the real deal. Below are some of the most effective cardio exercises that you can do at home.

Running and Jogging

Running and jogging are the essential elements in cardio exercises. Doing it for several minutes will help the heart pump out blood to different parts of the body. It will help stimulate the body to function to its maximum potential. Running around the neighborhood for multiple laps is enough to burn some calories.

Jumping Jacks

It is another essential exercise that you can do in your home gym or anywhere in your house. It focuses on the coordination of the upper and lower extremities. If you want to add some spice to your jumping routines, you can try incorporating accessories such as a jump rope. It is a more fun way to keep you motivated and, at the same time, challenges your coordination.


Burpees is an advanced cardiovascular exercise that will get your heart pumping. It starts from a push up then bending the knees with the pushing off the feet to squat. Next is to push from the squat position into jumping high then landing again on a squat position. Lastly, placing the hands on the floor and landing into a push-up position, then repeat.


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Swimming is a type of exercise that is likewise a hobby or recreational activity. It makes your whole body move and burns calories as the waves of the water touch your body. A greater force is needed when moving through the water; thus, more muscle is required to move.

High-intensity Interval Training

A high-intensity interval training is an exercise of high intensity and with low-intensity recovery. It also can maximize calorie burn. There is a sudden burst of energy for a period followed by a short break of resting. It is an excellent choice for persons without a lot of time to do physical fitness. It is also a practical exercise in conjunction with diet. So, it will surely decrease your weight in a short amount of time.


Simple walking can be an exercise for many people. Especially for the elderly, walking is essential and will satisfy what the body needs. Walking with a pet or a friend will make long walks more enjoyable and less likely to be burdensome. Setting several steps per day will help to quantify the calories you burn. Together with calorie counting, it can be a gradual approach to a weight loss program.

Wrapping Up

Having to exercise every day will significantly affect the status of your overall health. It will help you have a greater perspective in life. In times like this, where a pandemic scares many people, exercising to protect ourselves is better than nothing. Nonetheless, it’s all about moving and waking up every muscle in the body to function when we need it the most.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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