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Invest in These 8 Features to Achieve a Zen Atmosphere at Home


The concept of infusing principles of Zen in design has been around for quite some time as interior designers, architects, and property owners aim to achieve a peaceful ambiance in the final structure. These Zen principles are simplicity, austerity, naturalness, subtlety, asymmetry, stillness, and unconventionality. When put together, Zen principles help achieve a whole that induces a sense of calm and serenity that millions of homeowners seek in their private abodes.

During this ongoing pandemic that affects millions of homeowners, the idea of a home where one can feel most at peace is truly irresistible. If you’ve been particularly troubled by the developments related to COVID-19, then you should all the more consider going for this atmosphere in your private residence.

If you’re aiming for this particular style, then here are eight features you must invest in to achieve a Zen-like vibe in your home:

1. Minimalist pool.

Water features such as pools and ponds are inherent in any attempt to create a Zen atmosphere, which is why you should have them on your property. You should invest in a minimalist swimming pool built by a licensed contractor to ensure that it looks and functions flawlessly. If your property is near a body of water like an ocean or a lake, an infinity pool would be perfect as it creates the illusion of the pool meeting the horizon and the body of water nearby.

2. Light-colored soft rugs.

Zen is all about simplicity, communing with nature, and gentleness, which makes light-colored soft rugs perfect add-ons to any home. With such features in your home, you can have a spot to lie down or sit to meditate or just pleasure your feet, back, and buttocks. Soft rugs are perfect for both tiles and wooden floors but make sure that they complement the color of the flooring to achieve harmony.

3. Soft lights.

You can pair your soft rugs with soft lights to achieve a relaxing vibe inside the home. There are dimmers available in most supplies stores, so you can manipulate the intensity of light in your bedroom or living space. For your kitchen, bathroom, and reading corner, you can go for task lights that have s soft hue to get a similar effect.

4. Scents aplenty.

Essential oils and scented candles are excellent accents to get if you want to feel relaxed while spending time in your residence. You can place them in your bedrooms, bathrooms, and living area for optimum coverage. There are plenty of suppliers both online and in traditional stores that you can order from, so this should be an easy task. Go for lavender, bamboo, lemongrass, and similar scents as they are proven to induce a relaxing feeling.

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5. Potted indoor plants.

Zen design is big on elements that are found in nature, so you have to get some potted indoor plants soon. There are plenty of nurseries and sellers of these things locally and in-state, which should make your hunt easy. Aside from bringing a piece of nature indoors, certain plants could also help in improving indoor air quality, thereby contributing to that calming effect of Zen design. These air purifying plants include peace lily, golden pothos, snake plant, and spider plant.

6. Minimalist furniture pieces.

If you’re shopping for furniture, pick ones that are made from wood, bamboo, or natural leather and have a simple, yet elegant design. Be it a chair, sofa, coffee table, or interior divider, the idea is to choose ones that conform to the minimalist design theme.

7. Custom organizers and cabinetry.

Zen theme requires a clutter-free layout, so you must remove invest in some custom organizers and cabinetry to have all your essential items organized. There are plenty of artisans who can craft them for you or you can just score one from your nearest furniture store.

8. Glass-paneled wall.

Another key trick to achieve a Zen vibe is to let in as much natural light as possible. While they may be cost-prohibitive, glass-paneled walls are the perfect feature to achieve this end. Not only do they allow natural light into your home, but they also make even a small space look larger than it actually is. If you want to achieve a measure of privacy from time to time, then you could install some neutral-colored drapes or wooden blinds to still adhere to the Zen theme.

Zen principles are truly the perfect design tricks for homeowners who are chasing a calm aura in their property. With these eight features, achieving a truly Zen-like vibe should be a breeze on your end.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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