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How to Sell Your House Fast


Selling a house, especially in today’s economy, can be a challenge. Buyers are pickier, more opinionated, and often will unabashedly haggle. But with the right tricks, you’ll have prospective buyers entering bids non-stop.

Price It Smart

Most people are afraid to offer their homes for a lower resell price. But real estate agents in Wichita, such as those from Madrigal Team Gold, have proven that this tactic works. By lowering your selling price by 15-20%, you’re inviting in more prospects.

This, in turn, means you can expect more bids. Each of these bids will surely try to outmatch the other. This is a gamble for sure, but one that can increase your sale when done with the right broker. Pretty soon, you’ll be receiving offers above your listed price.

Let There Be Light

Studies have proven that staged homes can be sold faster. This doesn’t mean you have to undertake a huge remodel. Instead, focus on having good lighting. Let in as much natural light as possible.

Change your lightbulbs from bright white lights to warm yellow ones. This will make your home look cozier. Warm yellow lighting and good natural light also help keep your home from looking too stark.

Keep it Clean

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Obviously, you need to keep your home looking clean when you’re presenting it. But this time, you have to do a deep clean. Every nook and cranny must be spotless. You never know when a prospective buyer has a keen eye for minuscule dust particles.

Focus on the kitchen, bathroom, attic, and basement. Most buyers find the kitchen the clincher, so make sure it looks clean and inviting. The bathroom should be free from any stains or grime.

The attic and basement might not seem typical, but even if they’re meant for storage, you want them looking neat. You want to present the idea that by living in this house, even the most cluttered areas can be in order.

Bring the Outside In

While you don’t want to overcrowd your home, adding plants brings life to the space. When you’re putting your home up on the market, you’ll want to reduce your personal items. These include pictures, trinkets, and sentimental knick-knacks. This is to help buyers better envision themselves in the space.

That said, adding in a few plants adds a freshness that can be a game-changer. You could add a few indoor plants in select places. A vase of elegant blooms can also give a pop of color and texture.

You can even think about adding a few potted plants around your porch to tie it all together. If you have a lawn or backyard, a simple trim will do wonders.

Bond With Your Broker

Having a good broker gives a fresh set of eyes and professional opinion. They can advise you if something needs fixing or if something is overkill. A good broker should be updated on the market listings so that you can stay competitive. They can do this by using the right analytics.

You’ll be spending a good amount of time together. Ensure that you’re on the same page and that you can communicate well.

Selling a house, when done right, can give you new opportunities. The ideal way to do this is to take a few risks and make a commitment to present your home at its best.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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