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Hot Stuff: How You Can Prevent Heat Stroke at Home


Given the effects of global warming on our weather, summer is something we should really prepare for at home. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the quarantine protocols still keep us at home without anywhere else to go. As we follow health guidelines, we need to be ready for the onset of the heat once summer begins.

Keeping ourselves cool during the summer is essential in preventing heat stroke. We have to keep our body temperatures moderate to avoid overheating under the scorching sun, even if we are simply inside our homes. We also have to make adjustments at home to make sure our homes don’t turn into big ovens when the time comes.

Also, since we are all staying at home most of the time, we have to keep ourselves as comfortable as possible. Since we can’t be with friends and family, it is important to make ourselves safe and happy inside our homes to make up for the difficult situation.

Preparing for Summer

We have spent a long time in this quarantine setup. It is time for us to make adjustments at home and to check if anything needs replacements to improve our everyday lives once summer begins. This spring, we have to consider all factors at home that we can already fix and repair before the onset of the scorching heat.

Apart from preparing your residential swimming pool for a cool dip, there are things to keep in mind when checking for needed repairs during spring.

Make sure your water flow at home is efficient for your everyday summer needs. Hydration and cooling down are important aspects of keeping your body temperature moderate during the summer. A water pressure tank can be beneficial for your residential water needs. Make sure your water flow is efficient to avoid problems in the water supply.

Your spring cleaning should include scheduling an air conditioning inspection. Summer these days can be scorching. You have to avoid reaching high levels of heat by turning on the air conditioner. Prevent expensive repairs of your system by conducting regular check-ups.

It is important to check your fire extinguishers at home. With the heat brought by summer, it’s easy for the simplest things to overheat. Avoid the damage of even the smallest fires by checking the quality of your fire extinguisher unit at home.

Repair and replace window screens that may have been damaged in the previous seasons. During the summer, it’s important to keep window screens well-installed to avoid getting insects inside your home. Some insects carry dangerous diseases, so make sure to check your window screens to keep your family safe.

If you have kids, make sure you inspect the outdoor play equipment. Children will want to come out to the yard and play when the sun is out. This should be done with adult supervision to ensure they don’t interact with neighbors without masks on. Check the outdoor play equipment for any repairs that may be needed during this time. This is to prevent any accidents during playtime once summer sets in.

These are some things you should prepare for before the onset of summer. Doing so will allow you to be fully equipped to handle the heat and other factors that come into play with the hot weather.

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Heat Stroke During Summer

While you take care of the summer essentials at home, it is also important to refresh your memory of the tips and reminders of keeping yourself cool during the summer. Heat stroke can happen to anyone, even the kids, so make sure you know what to do to avoid it and what to do when symptoms arise.

Heat stroke is when your body overheats to dangerously high temperatures. Acquiring heat stroke needs emergency treatment because it can damage your brain, heart, kidneys, and muscles.

Aside from having high body temperature, some symptoms of heat stroke include nausea, vomiting, altered mental state or behavior, flushed skin, and rapid breathing. Make sure to immediately call for medical help if you notice any signs of heat stroke in any member of the household.

While waiting for medical treatment, you should get the person into the shade or indoors, remove excess clothing, and try to cool down their temperature.

Given these possibilities during the summer, make sure you wear loose clothing to allow your skin to breathe. Drink plenty of fluids to help keep yourself hydrated and maintain a moderate body temperature.

While summer may cause heat stroke in many individuals when not taking precautions, the season is still a fun and happy time for the family to bond safely at home. Just make sure you check your summer essentials before the onset of the scorching heat so that you will be prepared for whatever weather changes there will be.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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