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How to Know Whether a Person is Into You or Not


One moment he’s hot, then the next minute, he’s cold. Whether you’re a man or a woman dating whichever gender, it can be difficult to decipher whether a person is actually into you or not. They might be throwing a couple of signs around, and you are just confused about whether you should go through with this or just stop and move on.

Below, we will discuss some of the most important signs you should watch out for to tell whether a person is into you or not. You can also ask your professional matchmaker in NYC about this to be sure. They’re the “love experts” after all.

They’re Blaming it on the Timing

If they say that they like you, but they’re claiming that the timing just ain’t right, then end everything and run. Life is full of obstacles and surprises, and if they aren’t willing to risk “the timing” to be with you, then they most likely wouldn’t be ready soon or even after a couple of years. You’ll only be wasting your time waiting for them to actually find the right timing, and trust us, waiting is just definitely not worth it.

They Don’t Want Anything Serious

If they say that they “don’t want anything serious right now,” then stand up and start walking away. This lame excuse usually translates to “I don’t actually love you and I only want the benefits of having you around.”

You wouldn’t want to be their “doormat” — where they can come and go whenever they want to. You have to respect yourself. Tell them that this is not what you’re looking for and start packing your bags. Nothing good will ever come out of this type of relationship.

They Always Seem to be Busy (or at Least Claim to be)

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If you love someone or something enough, you would make sure to make time for them, no matter how hectic your schedule might get. Remember: Everyone has things to do, but if a person is important enough for you, then you would gladly clear your schedule just to make time for them.

Spending quality time doesn’t always have to be hard. You can simply cuddle up at home, eat dinner at your favorite restaurant, or watch a film on Netflix. All of these would not take up too much of your time.

They Claim to be Scared of Hurting you

This is one of the most non-sensical reasons when it comes to relationships (or the lack of it, in this case). You’re already hurting the other person by turning them down and making them wait, so are you really afraid of it? Also, everybody hurts, and it’s just an inevitable part of every relationship. You might hurt each other in the long run, but what’s important is you’ll make it up to each other and not let everything ruin the relationship.

Knowing when to walk away is usually something that you would know deep in your guts. If you know you’re not getting the respect and love that you need, then it might be time to find a person who will fill in that hole in your life.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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