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Home Improvement Trends You Should Embrace


Unlike the trends in fashion, cellphones, and clothing, home trends change at a slower pace. Trends that took over about five years ago are still in use and look pretty modern in the present. If you plan on having your home remodeled, you should not worry about what your guest will think of the décor in a few years to come. The chances are that it will still be relevant.

When planning to remodel your home, it is important to keep an eye out for timeless models and designs that will stand the test of time. Below are some common remodeling tips you should keep in mind.

Open-Plan Kitchens

Gone are the days you had a separate room acting as the kitchen. In modern times, cooking is seen more as a hobby, which involves all family members. This makes it necessary to have the kitchen as an open space, which can be directly accessed by family members in the living area.
Open kitchens also serve as a dining area and a place where family members can bond over breakfast. All you need is to make the necessary adjustments to make the kitchen comfortable. For example, if you have a large window, you can install quality solar shades indoor strategically to protect your kitchen appliances.

Take It Outside

The modern house does not only focus on the interior but also the outdoor appearance. Whether you want to include a barbecue for family reunions or a children’s playing area, the exterior should match the interior decor. There are many ways of ensuring the outdoors is well catered for. Most homeowners love to move some aspects of their kitchen to the outdoor space. The aspects taken to the outside include turkey fryers, barbecue grills, and backyard fire pits for bonfires.

Textured Walls

There is a growing trend for having some texture on your walls rather than smooth walls or wallpapers. Texture can be achieved using various materials, such as wood products and fabrics. Sometimes, the texture is used to mimic various looks, such as a flat wall textured to resemble a brick wall. Incorporating texture on your walls will add depth and a different dimension to the overall house appearance.

plants on the coffee table

Incorporate Bold Indoor Plants

Plants are one of the most timeless indoor décor, which can be spiced up by replacing small plants with large bold potted plants. In addition to making your home feel cozy, plants also improve the environment inside the house. When choosing a huge plant, it is important to go for a colorful plant since a dull, large plant might end up looking like a shrub and might ruin the house’s décor.

Incorporate Convertible Furniture

Simplicity is beautiful, and this can apply to the furniture inside the house. When considering the simplicity of the furniture, you should look into its size, shape, and most important, functionality. The most popular modern pieces of furniture can be repurposed. Therefore, consider furniture that could be changed to suit different purposes. An example is a foldout couch that can be converted into a bed for your guests.

Geometric Shapes

A house whose interior decor comprises of geometrical shapes is pleasing to the eye. Geometric shapes are incorporated into different parts of the house, such as on rugs, wall hangings, and flooring. As the homeowner, you should have the freedom to mix and match geometrical shapes as you wish, provided one shape is not overdone.

Artwork made with geometric shape-themed patterns are also a great addition to your house and can easily complement the other geometric shapes already incorporated.

When it comes to home remodeling, the options available are endless. You need to follow your heart and incorporate these tips in the most acceptable way for your family.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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