Getting Ready for a Move While Pregnant


Pregnant is not the ideal state of being when you consider how physically taxing and stressful moving house can be, but it is entirely possible to be safe while getting packed and moved. Naturally, your priority needs to be to select a moving company that is involved and hands-on during the process. This will ease the whole situation and allow you to take all the time and rest you need to keep the baby safe and stress-free.

You may feel the urge to be more personally involved but try to focus on the fact that you’re doing the most important duty. The move may be to provide your baby with a better home, but right now, you are the best home for the baby, and it is your responsibility to take care of yourself. With that in mind, focus on preparing well for the moving day to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Contact Your Doctor First

Call your obstetrician and tell them that you are moving houses and get their input on how much physical labor you can manage during this time. Everything you experience is experienced by your baby, which can have severe consequences, especially during early pregnancy.

If your obstetrician advises that you avoid heavy lifting or physical stress, understand that this is the best thing you can do and avoid it altogether. If the only way to be stress-free is to leave it all in your partner and the mover’s hands, then that is what you must do.

Schedule a Doctors Visit

Once you have informed your doctor about your moving plans, use the opportunity to schedule a visit after the moving day. No matter which stage of the pregnancy you are in, and no matter how well you have planned the day to the last detail, there may be hidden effects you may not know about.

Higher blood pressure can cause issues, so finding out if this is an issue early on can help your doctor monitor you and keep you healthy. Even if nothing is wrong, the peace of mind for you and your partner in knowing that baby is doing well will be a huge relief.

label maker

Get a Label Maker

Invest in a label maker and make full and detailed use of it while packing up. Labeling every single box may seem excessive, but it will make the process of unpacking so much easier on you. Detailed labels will indicate which boxes are suitable for you to pick up and move around while unpacking.

It might seem like a small strain, but early pregnancy is an uncertain time, and it is best to avoid any strain on your body. Detailed labels also mean that the movers will be able to place the boxes in the rooms they need to be in, shortening the unpacking time. This will reduce the amount of stress you will feel about getting the house ready for the baby.

Prepare a Moving Day Kit

Make a list of items you will need on the day and pack a picnic basket with these items. Be sure to add a small foldable stool as well. This will allow you to sit down and have a rest at any time and reduce physical strain. Make sure to pack water with electrolytes, sunblock, snacks, and any medication you need to take.

Having these things easily on hand means that you will not need to search for them among already sealed boxes. If your doctor has approved you for light labor and carrying small boxes and items, then having this kit on hand allows you to take regular breaks to rest and keep you hydrated and manage any strain. You must stay hydrated during the day, and having this kit can help you make sure of it.

You must avoid carrying heavy boxes or climbing stairs too often. It is also essential that you avoid chemicals. Cleaning up after a move may require strong cleaners with noxious odors that can adversely affect your pregnant body. It might be best for you to hire professional move-in day cleaners.

Be prepared to ask for help. People who love you will be happy to help you throughout the moving process, and you should accept their help. They are not just helping you. They are helping your baby. Moving while pregnant does not need to be so stressful when you have help and a detailed plan.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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