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Four Classic Interior Styles for Your Bathroom


Home renovations usually make homeowners look and focus at the bigger picture. However, it is not practical to always fixate at the most obvious and noticeable areas of your house. This behavior and outlook often make homeowners overlook areas, such as bathrooms.

Think about the style of your bathroom as a potential deal-breaker. You may have a good design overall, but that impression will be broken if your bathroom is not consistent with the existing design. You have to be detail-oriented.

Going for timeless styles is something that you should always consider. Classic and flexible designs are often easy to manage. Among the first things that you should take into account is the color of the space. If you are having troubles with the selection, then let this article give you some wonderful and useful pieces of advice. Below are some guidelines you should keep in mind.

Using Taupe and Gray

Classic neutrals will always be in style. If you want to take this route, you ought to try taupes and grays. Taupe is much more brownish, but some shades of it may make it look closer to gray. This makes a good choice for mid-century design. But if you want to have darker neutrals for your bathroom, grays, especially those that have matte textures, will do the trick. Grays make a good choice for homes that have a post-modern or contemporary design.

On the Creamy and Yellowish Side

Clean with some warm attitude — this is what your bathroom will look like if you use creamy and yellowish whites. Sample shades include creams, beiges, and subdued yellows. Colors like these are perfect for a bathroom that follows a rustic or minimalist theme. Scandinavian designs may also require these shades, depending on the color family you have used for your home. You can complement these shades with dark trimmings and accents.

The Nautical Department

If you want your bathroom to have that rustic, cottage-ish, and seaside vibe, you should consider using greens and blues. But do not go for brighter choices. Go for tints and subdued shades instead. Tints are colors that have been toned down by a film or films of white. If you are planning to use green, go for the likes of seafoam greens. In case you want blues, you may ask your painting contractor in Park City to use sky blue.

Dominant White

white bathroom

Post-modern, contemporary Scandinavian, and Japanese Zen will never go out of style. If this is something that you want to have, you must choose white. But keep your space from looking boring by adding some warm accents, such as brown, black, and gray.

When you redesign your bathroom, you have to go for practical and flexible color choices and styles. Above all, you need to make the design consistent with your home’s overarching theme (unless you are gunning for an eclectic style). If you need some inspiration, it pays that you visit interior design image boards online. An interior designer who is working on your renovation project will surely be of great help.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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