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Filling in the Blank Memory Blocks


There are times when you forget the simplest of things, and the first thing that you ask yourself is if your brain is failing you. Sometimes it feels like your cells are not doing their job properly, or there are just blank spaces that occupy your gray matter. Every time you forget where you put your glasses or unable to recall the name of the person you are talking to, it can become really embarrassing. You cannot escape that even if you are wearing the classiest clothes and sporting some custom luxury earrings for women. People will see past those and they will mostly remember your blunder caused by you being forgetful.

Just like how you train your body to make it stronger, training your brain could help in improving your memory. Here are some things you need to know to help fill the blanks inside your head.

Absorbing Information

How you collect and absorb information is dependent on your level of interest. No matter how hard you push yourself, if your mind is not open to what is being fed, it will still not learn anything. This could happen because of some factors. Physically, if you are exhausted or fatigued, you are more inclined to keep yourself awake. Your focus gets directed to that instead of taking in what you see or hear. Psychologically, if you have things all around you that can have you distracted, that will deter your ability to learn.

If you want to retain the stuff that is being taught to you, make sure that you are in good shape in both the mind and body.

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Mnemonic Devices

People have different ways of how they want to remember things. When you are asked to go to the market to buy a few items, sometimes you would rather memorize them instead of bringing a list with you. But how could you do that if you are short on time? The answer to that is for you to use a mnemonic device. It is a technique you have to develop for your memory. You can describe that as the way you associate information with stuff that you are more familiar with. A common technique for lists is to make acronyms out of them. For example, if the five items you were asked to buy are chicken, hotdogs, eggs, soda, and soap, you can use the first letter of each to form the word CHESS. So instead of trying hard to remember the five items, you only need to do so for one word. When you reach the store, thinking about chess should trigger your brain into recalling all of the stuff that you need to buy.

Physical Aids

If you have a lot of things going on at work and you need to remember much of them, you cannot always rely on your memory. You will definitely miss out on a lot of stuff and your boss might scold you and think that you are incompetent. If you want to not miss a beat, one great way to keep your thoughts organized is by using physical aids. These are objects that you can surround yourself with to make you remember what you are supposed to do. The most common for the office folk are possibly sticky notes. They are great because they are easy to use and you can put them wherever you want as long as you have good visibility on it. Lists, calendars, bookmarks, and other similar things help greatly in accomplishing the tasks that you need to complete. If you think your memory fails you, use these to stay on top of things.

The brain is an amazing part of the body that is unrivaled in terms of complexity. Your memories are stored here, but sometimes you will be drawing blanks. This is normal and it happens to a lot of people. The great thing is you can use techniques to make you remember the stuff you are supposed to. It can be tricky to keep your mind sharp, but that is necessary if you want to accomplish your tasks.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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