What Are the Fastest-growing Careers in the Next Decade?


If you’re a fresh graduate looking to be employed or a professional who seeks a new career path, it’s important to research the emerging job trends so you can leverage your skills toward a rewarding and lucrative career. Here are some jobs with the projected highest chances of employment in 2020-2030.

Nurse Practitioners

The demand for nurses continues to rise due to shortages in rural areas, an aging population with complicated medical needs, and increased demand during the pandemic. More replacement nurses are needed due to a rising number of retiring nurses, so expect increased job openings.

If you seek a career in nursing, you can enroll in an online CNA program that serves as a stepping stone toward achieving a stable career in healthcare. It’s also more affordable compared with other programs, so take advantage of the training so you can improve your resume and skill sets.

Nursing is not only an emotionally rewarding career path, but it also provides great training and hands-on experience to help you become a well-rounded nurse. You’ll have the chance to check out various specializations, obtain certifications, and explore interests to help you decide which one you’re most passionate about.


Since more consumers prefer healthier meals in restaurants, grocery stores, and other food places, more establishments hire experienced cooks and chefs to ensure quality food preparation. Income growth and population are also some factors to be expected that will contribute to higher food demand in dining places.

Cooks with related work experience or previous training have good job prospects, and those who can create more complex dishes have opportunities at upscale restaurants and hotels. One great advantage of being in food service is having various opportunities in interesting areas. For instance, if you don’t want to work in a fine dining establishment, you can try catering instead or working at a resort and grill fresh food right on the beach.

Fitness Instructors

There’s a high demand for personal fitness instructors and trainers because most people prefer a training routine made for their unique needs – something that they don’t usually find in traditional gyms. Whether the issue is being overweight or there’s a lack of physical activity, they want a fitness plan specifically made for them.

Also, some individuals want personalized training sessions because they dislike the gym environment. For example, they may get insecure about their bodies or feel like they’re not doing enough compared to other people in the gym. A good fitness trainer has a positive attitude and encourages their clients to stay motivated.

Another reason for the higher demand for personal trainers is the increasing obesity issues. People who suffer from obesity need fitness and health experts to change their lifestyles for the better. Some may actively look for their preferred trainers, while others follow their physicians’ recommendations. Regardless of the case, most of them contribute to the rising need for personal fitness instructors.



The employment of athletes is expected to increase due to population growth and growing public interest in sports. This growth and shift in population can lead to more professional sports teams, creating new job opportunities for people wishing to become professional athletes.

Competing for professional athlete jobs is intense as many student-athletes become professional athletes. But if there are many retirements or injuries, annual replacements are needed, so there are more job opportunities.

Makeup Artists

There’s a large demand for makeup artists in places with the highest concentration of media production companies and motion pictures such as California, Texas, New York, and more. These industries employ numerous artists who constantly have to look presentable, so they need the services of talented makeup artists.

Makeup artists are respected and trusted, and many people are after this lucrative career because of the creativity and glamour involved. They have the freedom to experiment with the newest beauty products and explore various skills to present a great look.

If you wish to become a makeup artist, you can start fresh with no prior background but enrolling in a good beauty school is recommended. Depending on your skills and interests, you can also get a short-term course or professional training certification in makeup.

An important factor to consider when deciding on a career is how easily you’ll find employment opportunities in that field. Remember that the employment landscape continues to shift, so it’s important to be updated with your dream job’s projected growth. It gives you valuable insight into how easily you’ll be able to get employed.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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