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Timeless Advice: Essential Ideas Millennials Need to Hear Now


Though the younger generations are full of fresh, unique ideas and insights, older people have decades of experience worth sharing with the younger ones. Millennials can slowly gain wisdom as they experience life, make mistakes, and draw lessons from them. However, it is always worth listening to the pieces of advice from the older generations, may they be living with you or in assisted living facilities.

With this in mind, here are some practical life lessons seniors would like to pass on to millennials like yourself.

1. Stop Worrying so Much

Although the millennial generation has garnered the reputation of being slackers, they put in long office hours, which causes stress for many. On the contrary, though, older adults have the lowest stress level according to the annual stress survey conducted by the American Psychological Association.

As aptly put by one elderly individual, “I do not like stress…I prefer to be around positive people. Be with people who lift you up and not bring you down.” This is exactly the kind of mentality millennials need to have.

2. Create Your Own Meaningful Life Story

As we grow older, what ends up mattering the most is how our life story ultimately plays out. What matters is if it was meaningful. Based on the two critically acclaimed books “30 Lessons for Living” and “30 Lessons for Loving”, the main thrust of older adults is not to rush crafting your life story.

For older people, knowing that their lives matter is important. Some even take the trouble of writing their own memoirs. But as much as older people need to share their life stories, it is crucial for younger individuals to ask for these stories and be guided by the lessons imparted.

3. Take Your Time When It Comes to Love

When it comes to love and marriage, long-term couples advise the same thing: Not to rush into anything and choose your partner carefully. Before committing to anyone, you need to learn how to love yourself first.

A lot of people made the biggest mistake of entering marriage too quickly. Before jumping into marriage, know your partner well — know the good sides and the bad. Remember that you cannot mold your spouse into your idealized partner.

As you go along the way, learn to make concessions. Both of you should be willing and open to do that, though.

4. Do Not Give Up on Love

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It can be so easy to give up on the idea of finding true love after a bad breakup or divorce or when you are single and everyone around you is married. But keep in mind that love is beautiful at any age. Do not give up on it. Be open and leave a room in your life for love and companionship. You will find it no matter what stage of your life you are in.

5. Give Time for Your Family

There is one secret ingredient to develop a lifelong closeness with your children, and that is the time you spent with them. However, it can be hard, especially if you have a career and other obligations to take care of. But despite your busy schedule, spend quality time with your kids. They will surely treasure those moments.

Also, spending time with your kids, watching them as they grow up, and supporting them along the way gives you a clue who they truly are.

6. Do Not Go to Bed Angry

A piece of oft-repeated relationship advice in countless articles and books — Never go to bed angry. While it may sound cliche, for several long-term married couples, this rings true.

Having a good communication line early on is the key to a long and happy married life. Learn how to be open with your partner about issues that bother you, and at the same time, learn to listen to what your partner wants.

True, it is easier said than done. But taking time to practice these healthy communication habits will make your marriage stronger. Rather than half guess and go to bed angry, address the issue.

7. Travel While You Are Young

Even older people agree that traveling the world while you are young and able is far more valuable than money. So, seize the moment to travel. Money might be tight, but you can always make it work. When you choose to travel when kids are older or retired, it is not the same experience as traveling when you are younger.

There are plenty of nuggets of wisdom you can pick from older people. After all, they have been through more experiences than us. So take time to visit your grandparents, especially if they are living in nursing homes. Though they have all the care and attention they need in that place, they still need the love and attention of their family.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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