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Do You Need to Install a Fence Around Your Home?


Fences are a familiar household icon in the United States. However, not every house listing in the market have installed fences, and your first home purchase might not include this feature. Here’s why you should consider installing a fence around your property:

1. It increases security

One of the biggest reasons why homeowners in Los Angeles invest in wrought iron fences is to enhance their home’s security. A burglary happens every 13 seconds in an American home, and fenceless properties are the favorite target of intruders. If you are near a wildlife reserve, installing a fence is something that you should not forgo. It will block dangerous animals from entering your yard and causing harm to your garden and possessions.

Aside from guarding your home against uninvited visitors, a fence can also protect your pets. Without a blockade, your dogs or cats can quickly dart out of doors and get lost in the neighborhood, hit by a car or abducted. Fence also allows your pets to roam freely in the yard, so they get more exercise and enjoy their playtime without the leash.

2. It adds privacy

metal fenceYour lawn, pool, or patio is an extension of your indoor space. A tall privacy fence can give you the freedom to enjoy your solitude outside without worrying about neighbors spying on you. Adding a fence will not only mask unwanted views and unsavory sights, but they can make your backyard a peaceful getaway. This is because fences can block noise from outside chatters, transportation, construction, loud music, or your neighbor’s lawnmower.

3. It can increase your house’s resale value

A home with sturdy fencing attracts potential buyers. For example, a family with young children or pets would likely look for a fenced property that would keep them contained and safe. Secured fencing is their top priority, primarily if the house is located in a busy street or near the highway. Additionally, a study says that 33% of millennials decide to purchase their first home because they want a safe space for their dogs.

The design of your fence is also a crucial element when adding value to your home. It boosts the appeal of your home’s exterior and your property can sell faster to buyers who were mesmerized by your lovely fence. When searching for a house, most buyers, especially in urban areas, consider the privacy fence as an essential feature. They want a backyard where they can relax and make them free from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors or curious passers-by.

While you can install a fence on your own, it would be best to give the task to the professionals. Find a reputable fencing company that can offer quality materials and excellent services. It would be best to work with contractors that use wrought iron fencing. Wrought iron fences are not only known for their universal charm and timeless beauty, but they are also famous for their easy maintenance.

They are durable and can withstand human-made and natural damages. They provide an open view to and from your house, which offers good security. Sturdy, attractive, and long-lasting, wrought iron fences transform your home to the next level while providing you with added safety and privacy and requiring almost zero maintenance.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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